The Must-Have List of Content Promotion Tools to Consider for 2021

Completing a piece of content is a huge accomplishment. However, there’s still work to do. Content won’t get found unless you promote it. Having the right content promotion tools in your content marketing tech stack is essential for any enterprise focused on increasing website traffic and engaging visitors.

What tools do you need? There are so many choices that it can seem overwhelming, so we’ve put together this list of content promotion tools that we think you’ll love.

What Are Content Promotion Tools?

They are software tools and platforms that help you to distribute content to get more views. They fall into categories relating to SEO, influencers, backlinking, publications, social media, and more. Promotion tools are the bridge to high-performing pieces. And by leveraging content analytics, you can determine whether or not they are working to boost your content’s reach.

Tools for Promoting Content: The Must-Haves

Let’s open up the toolbox to see how you can promote content in many different channels.

Building Backlinks with Link Explorer

Backlinks from high authority websites can boost your organic rankings and have a big impact on your organic search traffic. Moz Link Explorer provides insights on the backlinks you already have and provides data on the top related websites and webpages you should focus on for link building.

Social “Stalking” with TweetDeck

Partnering with influencers on social media can be a great way to promote content. With TweetDeck, you can organize your Twitter feed into streams. You can have a specific stream for each influencer you’re monitoring. With this tool, you have context into how the user tweets. This reconnaissance will help you later should you approach the social influencer about working together.

Track Guest Post Opportunities with Feedly

Feedly is a tool for following publishers. You can organize them into categories, which makes it very useful for researching topics and pitching guest posts. It also leverages an artificial intelligence (AI) research assistant.

Monitor Mentions & Build Relationships with Hootsuite Search Streams

Social listening for your brand can be an important part of content promotion. It lets you know which fans are helping to promote your content, including customers, employees, and partners. By organizing all this data via Hootsuite, you can make connections with those loyal to you, as well as make observations about others who would be likely to share your content on social media.

See What’s Trending and Who Shares It with Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an excellent content marketing tool! You probably already use it for content planning because it provides insights on the more shareable content around a topic. You can also use it as a content promotion tool to see who is sharing content similar to yours. You can create monitoring for topics, influencers, or competitors.

Get Notified When People Are Talking About Your Product/Brand on Reddit

Notifier for Reddit allows you to get notified when keywords you care about are mentioned on Reddit. Use it to track mentions of your product or company and respond quickly to share some helpful content or drive the conversation. It can also be used to find new customers by tracking keywords that prospects might use when looking for advice or recommendations. For example, if you are a VPN company, you might set up a notifier (a.k.a. searcher) to monitor for the phrase “looking for a VPN”. The app will then notify you via email immediately and you can chime in and engage.

Increase Social Shares with Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize how your content will appear when someone shares it on a social media platform. As you know, every platform has its nuances, and when content looks unattractive, people are less likely to share it. For example, if you don’t have your feature image showing on the share, many may abandon posting.

You can attach separate thumbnail images and descriptions for the best experience on that social platform with this tool. Give it a shot and see if sharing increases.

Use Canva to Add Visuals that Pop

Canva is the designer toolkit for non-designers. You may have full-time designers on your content team, but sometimes bandwidth is an issue. With Canva, you can use templates for social media that already look amazing. You simply add your brand’s color, fonts, and logo to create highly shareable graphics on social media.

There is a free version as well as a paid version for teams. It’s a low-cost tool that every content marketing team should consider. Check out these other tools that can help with stunning visuals.

Deploy an Army of Promoters with Quuu Promote

One of our favorites at DivvyHQ is Quuu Promote, which we’ve been using to boost amplification of our top performing content. Quuu Promote is a paid content promotion platform that works in two ways:

  • You can use it to quickly search for curated, high-quality content to share on your social networks
  • You can post your own content for others to share

So there are thousands of people using Quuu’s curated content search function every day to fill their social media feeds. For those Quuu users in the content marketing space, our best content is front and center, and we’ve significantly increased social engagement, website traffic and conversions due to this platform.

Help Users Discover Your Content with Outbrain

Outbrain claims it’s helped over one billion people discover content, products, and services. It works by including your content as recommended on other premium content sites. It delivers a personalized content experience and can drive traffic to your blog posts.

Facilitate Employee Advocacy with GaggleAMP

Employee advocacy is critical to your content promotion efforts. When your employees post your original content either by sharing a post or creating their own, you automatically extend your reach. Employees may not understand what a critical role they can play. Providing them awareness on how to be a brand advocate is a good first step, but tools can help as well.

GaggleAMP enables social media amplification by supporting employee postings. This tool expands your reach and sets up leadership, sales, and others to develop their thought leadership position in your industry.

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Image: GaggleAMP

Connect Influencers with Your Content with Viral Content Bee

Want more social media engagement? Then Viral Content Bee can deliver. It’s a tool that helps connect you to influencers to develop mutually beneficial relationships around content promotion. Influencers receive high-quality content that their followers will appreciate, while your brand gets more exposure.

Develop More Backlinks and SEO Clout on Medium

Medium provides brands the ability to create their own pages and repurpose content here. You can take your blogs and restructure them to post on Medium with a link to the original blog. It’s important not to duplicate the posts, so we recommend reworking content. Medium is a reputable and popular site for content creators and readers.

Promoting Content: Stay Organized with a Content Calendar

Using content promotion tools to boost your content’s visibility is an ongoing process, and everyone should be aware of your content schedule in order to pitch in on promotion. You can manage this with a dynamic content calendar, which is part of the DivvyHQ platform. See how you can use it today!