Does the Perfect SEO Content Writing Software Exist?

Organic searches drive an average of 53.3% of all traffic across industries, making search engine optimization imperative for any marketing operations team. To optimize your content, you need to do more than stuff it full of ranking keywords; you also need to grasp search intent and craft content to match.

Content marketing can feel like a whirlwind with the ongoing need to pump out relevant and engaging information for your target audience. We completely understand the desire to look for shortcuts.

SEO content-writing software seems like a perfect solution, but is it? While no automated writing software fully replaces humans, using a tool to help your team produce optimized content can lighten the load for everyone. Let’s explore what writing software is, how it can help, and why no tool can do it all for you.

What Is SEO Content-Writing Software?

While writing tools such as Grammarly have been around for over a decade, software that can produce human-sounding language is newer. These tools are getting much attention these days, and understandably so.

Managing weekly blog content production, daily LinkedIn posts, and multiple uploads each day to other marketing channels can make content planning, creation, and management overwhelming and chaotic. Not all writing software performs the same functions, even when they have SEO capabilities, so it’s important to know what they do and which ones would benefit your team.

B2B and B2C brands post on social media multiple times per week, making an automated SEO content-writing tool appealing.

Source: Hubspot

Much of the SEO content-writing software on the market utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to aid in some aspect of the writing process, directly or indirectly impacting potential optimization results. We can divide the tools into three basic categories:

  • Writing improvement
  • Keyword optimization
  • Automated content creation

No single software program does it all, but there is overlap. You can also use integrations to broaden the tools available to the content operations team.

How Can SEO Content-Writing Software Help Your Team Craft Winning Content?

Content creators can breathe a little easier. They won’t be out of a job if you incorporate writing tools for SEO into your team’s tool bag, but their job might just get a little easier.

Google is the largest search engine and sets the standard for SEO strategies. Marketing teams (and anyone else who wants others to find their business or see their content) spend significant resources trying to stay on top of changes to the algorithm. It’s exhausting.

However, one thing to remember is that Google’s algorithms focus on delivering the results users seek when they enter a search term. The company’s developers continue to refine the process, but the most important thing to remember is that they prioritize users.

Brafton infographic - Why Content for SEO?

Source: Brafton

Your priority should be delivering content that users want. SEO content-writing software offers several benefits to that end.

Benefits of Writing Improvement Tools for SEO

Competition for your target audience’s attention is tough. Subpar writing just won’t cut it anymore. Google’s crawlers won’t evaluate your team’s writing quality, but its users will.

Writing improvement software — such as Grammarly and Hemingway — offers writers suggestions on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It also coaches creatives on ways to increase clarity and reader engagement. These tools can help your team craft higher-quality content from a technical perspective.

Benefits of Keyword Optimization Tools for SEO

Search engine optimization still relies on keywording. While you can no longer get away with keyword stuffing, you still need to include the search terms your target audience uses to find the information you provide in each content piece you produce.

Keyword optimization tools help your team adhere to your content strategy. Two prominent players in this arena are Surfer and Clearscope. Both use AI to aid in keyword research and provide alternative search terms.

SEO content-writing software such as these can also help your writers, editors, and proofreaders track the occurrence and frequency of each keyword within the content. They often provide additional information to improve quality, including scoring, keyword placement suggestions, and competitor comparisons.

Benefits of Automated Content Creation Tools for SEO

Between 2018 and 2020, marketing teams increased their use of AI tools from 29% to 84%. More are finding ways to fold automated content creation tools into their content production process. These tools can help you:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Craft outlines
  • Generate subject lines, keyword alternatives, and summaries
  • Create initial drafts

Though a relatively new arrival to the content-creation landscape, these tools are already making their mark.

SEO content-writing software with content production capabilities can improve your team’s efficiency, helping you meet your publishing goals. Writer and Jasper AI are the two biggest players in this space.

Writer lets you incorporate style rules and uses them to provide in-app writing suggestions. Both platforms learn your brand’s voice and help creatives adhere to it as they craft content.

Why Is There No Perfect Content Writing Software for SEO?

Though each type of writing tool we mentioned can significantly improve your team’s content-creation game, they have drawbacks. They all rely on AI and machine learning. While the technology has come a long way since its beginning, you can’t depend on it 100% for any of its intended jobs.

This SEO content-writing software isn’t infallible (we know; humans aren’t, either). These tools are only as good as the training they receive. These technologies make mistakes and give poor advice sometimes.

The content creation tools can produce gibberish that sounds good. They may plagiarize, and they don’t know fact from fiction. They also don’t know how to create nuanced content that adheres to Google’s EAT standards for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

In short: They don’t have that human touch. You will need people to check offered suggestions, verify facts, proofread for understandability, and add the experiential flair your brand can provide.

Does SEO Content-Writing Software Help You With the Entire Content-Production Process?

Writing software can’t help you with the entire content-production process, but DivvyHQ can. Our content operations platform gives your team a central hub for collaboration, ideation, creation, scheduling, publication, and analysis.

Plus, we offer integrations that let you incorporate the SEO content-writing software of your choice into our platform. Request a demo to see how it works!

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