5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use DivvyHQ’s Content Marketing Platform

Most businesses are doing some form of content marketing, with 90% of them relying on a blog or the brand’s website to generate traffic. Others delve into every possible channel, from email to social media to video and more.

Whatever your approach and whichever tactics and formats you execute, content marketing is a process that requires effort. Undoubtedly, you’ve probably looked for ways to ease the burden.

While we’ve invested a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears over the years to make DivvyHQ the best content marketing platform, we recognize it isn’t for everyone. If you’re curious about our platform but not sure if it’s right for you, we get it. Take a look at why our product, as awesome as it is, might not be a good choice for you.

Why DivvyHQ Might Not Be a Fit For You

Sometimes it’s easier to figure out if a product is right for you by examining who shouldn’t be using it rather than who should. Our clients range from small-but-growing companies to global enterprises, but we know we aren’t the perfect fit for every content, marketing, or communications team out there.

So, you might not be a fit for Divvy if you see yourself or your team in one or more of the following five categories.

1. You Are the Lone Content Marketing Ranger

solo content producer

If you are a lone content marketer who rarely needs to collaborate with anyone, our platform is probably more than what you need. Granted, Divvy can be a major sanity-saver by helping solo marketers get organized, proactively plan, and hit deadlines.

However — even though you are probably overworked and wish you could clone yourself — we aren’t the best content marketing platform for you if:

  • Your content plan can easily fit on a simple spreadsheet
  • Your workflow is uncomplicated
  • You don’t need robust collaboration tools
  • You’re used to managing all your tasks in your head
  • You never have other managers needing to check the status of campaigns and projects.

As a one-person show, you may only need a handful of basic tools and have little difficulty managing your content world mentally or on a static calendar.

Keep us in mind, though. Your situation can change in a heartbeat as your business grows, requiring a bigger team and higher volumes of content to keep up with your audience’s demands and your company’s goals.

Many of our clients began as solo marketers or small teams but graduated from simple spreadsheets or general project management tools to complex operations. They hopped on board because they needed the best content marketing platform for managing the entire content process, from ideation and planning to analytics and reporting.

2. You Publish Content Once in a Blue Moon

If content isn’t your business’s marketing and outreach priority, then you might not feel the need to create and publish very much content. You might also not be too worried about consistency. You get around to it when you have time and happen to think of it.

77% of B2C marketers plan to increase efforts. Divvy might not be the best content marketing platform for smaller operations.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Our platform will be overkill if you only produce a few content pieces a month. Divvy’s entire reason for being — from Day 1 — is to provide robust functionality for high-volume teams.

We set out to create the most user-friendly and useful content calendar on the market. Helping enterprise teams efficiently create and manage campaign and content schedules is literally the core of what we do.

If consistency and volume aren’t essential elements of your content marketing, then we aren’t the best content marketing platform for you. You may be better served with a simple project management system.

3. You Live in the Likes, Live, and Retweet Marketing Space

Social media content is a unique animal. There is a reason an entire software category arose to handle social media management. Consider these unique characteristics:

  • Most social content is produced in real-time (not pre-planned).
  • The content itself takes on many shapes and sizes, but it’s all relatively small (e.g., an Instagram image) and is often produced in bulk (multiple variations for different social channels).
  • Every social network has unique publishing features (e.g., @mentions, hashtags, etc.).

We don’t deny the power of leveraging social networks as part of your content marketing process (hey, we use it too!). However, if you measure content marketing success solely in likes, live attendees, and retweets (would that be re-Xes now?), we might not be your best content marketing platform.

For social media marketers increasing social media activity only, DivvyHQ might not be the best content marketing platform.

Source: MarketingCharts.com

Now, that’s not to say that Divvy can’t be used to help teams plan and produce social content. Most of our clients — especially those who have to pre-plan and go through rounds of reviews and approvals — use Divvy for social content planning alongside other social publishing and management tools.

But if social is your only channel, you may be better off with other tools built for that specific use case.

4. You Are Happy With Your Current Technology (or Your Brand’s Decision-Makers Tell You To Be)

Adopting new technology is always tricky. People struggle with change of any kind. Incorporating and learning new tech can stir a range of emotions and opinions in a workplace, from excitement to anxiety.

You might be happy with your current technology. Your team may grumble at the idea of yet another new system. Or your C-suite might think what you have is perfectly fine. Convincing others to adopt a new system can be an uphill battle, even if it makes your team’s life easier and moves your brand closer to its goals.

We’re the first to acknowledge that software fatigue is definitely a real thing. However, a well-designed content marketing platform can help you overcome the fatigue.

Often, our clients come to us after they’ve been struggling with organization, proactive planning, and visibility. They’re seeking a content operations hub that centralizes all the planning, collaboration, and reporting tools they need. If your team members and decision-makers aren’t all feeling the pain, you might not be ready for our system.

5. You Can’t Spare the Dough

We know money can be tight. Sometimes there just isn’t enough in the budget for every tool you’d like to use, even if it’s the best content marketing platform out there.

Here’s a bit of perspective for you.

You’re probably already spending a boatload on several publishing platforms, such as a CMS for your website, an email/marketing automation platform, and a social media management platform. What other tools are on your line items?

Consider this: Each of those platforms are designed to deliver content to your various audiences, but how much money might you be wasting if the content you’re delivering is crap? What if:

  • You don’t have a content strategy,
  • Your content misses the mark,
  • It takes way too long to get new content out the door,
  • You aren’t publishing on a consistent schedule,
  • No one is engaging with your content offering, or
  • You have no idea what’s happening because your analytics and reporting stinks?

All the money you spend on those platforms is money down the drain.

Companies that aren’t committed, don’t view content as an asset of their business, or aren’t working towards becoming a well-oiled content machine, don’t budget for a content operations platform. Thus, they never realize the benefits.

Stop wasting money.

Our recommendation for 2024… Add just a little extra into your budget to bring on a platform that helps your internal teams solidify their content strategy, organize their operation, and deliver engaging, high-quality content on time. This small investment will pay HUGE dividends.

Is DivvyHQ the Best Content Marketing Platform for You?

While we might not be the best content marketing platform for everyone, we help many growing and large content ops teams streamline their processes, increasing productivity, efficiency, and content quality. If you’re still uncertain, request a demo to see what we can do for you!

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