The Best Free Content Generators Out There

Research shows that the best return on investment for marketing teams publishing blog content is to post two to four per week. If your team aims for even the minimum and your content strategy includes social media, e-books, emails, and other content types, keeping up with the creative output can be a struggle.

A content generator can ease the burden. However, if your company is tightening its belt or you aren’t sure it’s the right tool for your content operations, the extra cost is less than desirable.

Plenty of free content generators exist, but you don’t want to risk using one that makes more work for your creatives, not less. We’ve done the digging for you and discovered these six products that offer free plans or provide the opportunity to try before you buy.

1. Writer: Free 14-Day Trial

Writer provides a suite of powerful tools for your content marketing team, making it our personal favorite. Use it to generate catchy email subject lines, blog headlines, or rough drafts for any asset. This AI-writing tool is great for meta and product descriptions, ads, and microcopy.

Writer’s CoWrite content generator creates blog headlines with just a one- to two-sentence blog description.


You can also create a style guide that ensures consistency. Once you deploy it, the AI assistant coaches writers and editors within the text, speeding up the creation process.

Another feature we love about this content generator is that if you train it with your content, it learns your brand’s voice. Each asset it creates will then match your company’s voice, tone, and style.

Writer offers team- and enterprise-level plans. However, you can try it out for free for 14 days, which is longer than most trial periods for the best content-generation products. Writer integrates seamlessly with Divvy’s platform, giving your team a potent content creation and operations combo.

2. Scalenut: Free 7-Day Trial

The artificial intelligence that drives Scalenut’s system can help your team move an asset from the brainstorming phase all the way to an optimized long-form post. However, you’ll still need your human creatives involved in the process.

Though Scalenut uses a natural language processor, your team will need to review and edit your assets for phrasing, fluff, facts, and brand voice. However, one of the pluses of this content generator is an SEO tool that works like SurferSEO, providing competitor analysis and an SEO score.

This product also provides a library of blog templates and royalty-free images. The company offers several plans, but you can give the platform a spin for seven days for free.

3. Jasper AI: Free 5-Day Trial

The AI in Jasper is multi-lingual, making it an excellent platform for global enterprise businesses. If your brand operates in multiple countries, this software can push out content in more than 29 languages, and the developers continue to add language capabilities.

Jasper’s content generator can help you optimize content and integrates with SurferSEO. It contains templates for multiple content types, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Instagram captions
  • Emails

A feature we find interesting is Jasper AI’s ability to generate (royalty- and watermark-free) art.

Jasper offers a free five-day trial, which is on the short side. We suggest that if you give this a go, you organize your team ahead of time to use this product on specific assets to make the most of your short trial window.

4. Rytr: Free Plan

Rytr provides a free content generator if you don’t need to write more than 10,000 characters per month. While this might be fine for smaller marketing and comms teams, larger content operations will probably see this as more of a trial option or an assist for a particular content type.

This tool can produce content in multiple languages, even with the free plan. You can choose from more than 20 content tones, but it won’t offer you the brand flair you get with Writer. This company’s AI will also create art; the freebie version gives you five artworks a month.

Your team can use Rytr’s content generator to produce content for more than 40 use cases, including:

  • Blog outlines
  • Website and landing pages
  • Social media ads
  • SEO meta titles
  • Business idea pitches

Additionally, Rytr makes quick work of content repurposing, producing alternative versions of existing copy.

5. Simplified: Free Plan

Simplified is another AI writing program offering a free monthly plan with up to 3,000 AI-generated words. The freebie version also gives you access to some pretty cool tools, such as a video editor and animator and graphic designer.

The language capabilities are sophisticated for a forever-free plan, allowing you to choose from more than 20 languages and various tones. Another plus is that the software makes it easy for your team to collaborate in real-time, regardless of location.

The Simplified content generator has a collaborative feature, allowing multiple people to work on an asset simultaneously.


This content generator has more than 50 use cases. It also comes with a content rewriting tool for easy repurposing.

6. Copy AI: Free Plan

Copy AI’s free content generator is only good for one user seat, so it’s best if you are looking to test out products before purchasing something for your whole team. The freebie version allows you to generate 2,000 words of copy a month but doesn’t limit how many projects you can distribute those words across.

This company offers over 90 content templates, all available with the free plan. The user-friendly interface allows you to set up your content parameters quickly. If you don’t like the first version the generator produces, you can instruct it to give it another go until you are happy with the results.

While Copy AI is a simple tool with numerous useful features, the free version has limited uses for most businesses. That said, if you like what the software can do, you can opt for a paid plan, available for smaller teams and enterprise businesses.

Integrate Your Content Generator With Your Divvy Account

Finding the right content generator for your team will depend on your team’s size, how much content you produce each month, and your budget. With the free-for-life plans or free trials, these six companies offer, you should be able to find a product that works for you. When you do, integrating it into Divvy’s platform provides a seamless and simple content production process. Request a demo to find out more about the benefits of DivvyHQ.

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