Keeping Lunatics in the Content Loop: Luna Park Finds Success with DivvyHQ

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Are you riding a Hair Raiser of a roller coaster when it comes to content creation? Is every day a Sizzler at work — where your editorial calendar is becoming more complex, your deadlines are overlapping and your content mix expanding? It’s an all too common theme we hear as more companies crank up their content marketing efforts – but not necessarily their staff levels! Organization and efficiency are crucial. It’s a Tango Train to crazy – if you don’t have the right tools.

Post it notes and spreadsheets only take you so far. That Ferris Wheel of content wasn’t cutting it anymore for Luna Park Sydney. The theme park in New South Wales is part of a larger group of theme parks that span the globe – and they push out a lot of content. Kimberley Brien, the park’s Marketing Project Manager for Strategy & Development, recently searched for a content planning tool.

“We’re an iconic Sydney Amusement Park and we like to keep things fun, so on top of campaign based communications, we keep a regular conversation going with our audience on and offline via social media, email marketing, websites and of course during their actual visit.”

Brien was looking for a tool that could help Luna Park Sydney manage their content, and keep them out of a content loop. They wanted to plan their content better, build a central repository for that content and then easily repurpose those items as easily and quickly as possible.

From Frantic Post-It Notes to Cheers of Success

Brien explained, “To manage our conversation schedule, we were running a number of calendar spreadsheets segmented by medium to track what, when and where we would be publishing our messaging. Then on top of this we often had more campaign based spreadsheets, more to-do lists and sometimes even frantic post-its. We are only a small team and with so many individual points of record, piecing together the big picture was tricky at the best of times! With DivvyHQ we’re able to lay one schedule over the top of another, assign tasks to team members, and give ourselves a cheer every time we can mark an item as ‘published’.

Three cheers for Luna Park Sydney which chose DivvyHQ as their go-to solution!

“The biggest benefit of DivvyHQ for us is it’s ability to sew together so many different communication strategies into one big beautiful patchy clown suit!” said Brien. “Before DivvyHQ, there was a fair amount of effort involved for us to see whether we were overlapping messaging from one campaign with another, or talking about one thing via email and something completely different on Facebook. Now, with shared calendars and sophisticated filtering, the big picture is right at our fingertips!”

Crossover Marketing Efforts Became a Breeze

Sending scheduled, multi-channel, consistent, clear, non-conflicting messages to their audience is now easier thanks to the advanced planning abilities she found within DivvyHQ.

“In the last three months since we signed up with DivvyHQ we’ve completed a regular school holiday campaign, launched a world-first attraction in Park, developed and sold a promotional combo deal, held a two-night dining event on our Ferris Wheel, promoted and hosted a two-night Halloween event, kicked off our 80th Anniversary year celebrations and run weekly competitions with promotional partners throughout it all. Needless to say we’ve had a few things to tell people about! With so many campaigns running so close together and even overlapping, we wanted to ensure that our creative marketing initiatives weren’t being diluted in the confusion of mixed messaging. With DivvyHQ, we were able to plot out our content strategy for each campaign and ensure that the overall communication flow was preserved, despite there being so many points of crossover. Then once we had our roadmap, we were able to ‘divvy up’ the tasks and start kicking some content goals!”

We just think it’s Barrels of Fun to have Luna Park Sydney as a customer.  And after seeing the Tango Train of content they produce in any given month — we can see why Divvy was a great solution to help them reach more Lunatics – as they lovingly call their theme park patrons.  Here’s to more Lunatics!

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