DivvyHQ Helps Linkmedia 360 Move the Needle on Content Marketing Adoption

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DivvyHQ is well known as a fan favorite for content marketers as they manage mountains of material. But advertising and integrated marketing agencies are discovering the workflow platform does more than simply ease production pain points; DivvyHQ’s simplified-but-flexible user experience is also helping agencies migrate reluctant clients to a content marketing solution.

Linkmedia 360 Logo“We’ve seen our bigger retainers client shift their focus to content and we needed an enterprise tool to help them,” said Matt Mesenger, director of digital marketing for Cleveland-based Linkmedia 360. “We have adopted the platform for internal use across content-heavy clients.”

The integrated marketing agency chose DivvyHQ after the task of tracking content and deadlines for content-heavy clients via Google Drive and Excel spreadsheets became unwieldy.

“DivvyHQ helps us create content more efficiently, and we don’t get a lot of pushback,” Mesenger said. “Because we are able to map out content and because we have vertical alignment of what clients need it’s easier for us to say, ‘Here is the tool. It’s a premium tool.’ ”

For Artie Petro, content marketing manager, maintaining calendars, spreadsheets and various applications for larger clients became a job unto itself. Petro points to Linkmedia 360 client The Raleigh House as an example. The Colorado-based substance abuse and addiction facility publishes about 20 pieces of content each month to three very different consumer audiences: the patient who is struggling with addiction, the loved one of the patient, and the medical professional who may be making program referrals.

“We think of a topic that will be of interest, and it will span three or four blog posts,” Petro said. “We can publish the content on social media—or we can amplify it and turn it into premium content. Later we can use the basic information as an evergreen article or a downloadable guide and when we get to that point, we again determine the best way to amplify the content.”

DivvyHQ’s onboarding process helped the Linkmedia 360 marketing team set up a customized workflow geared specifically to Raleigh House’s approval requirements, allowing team members to schedule various campaigns while adding internal or external contributors and editors along the way.

“Our standard is that for every piece of content we create, it has to include a personal perspective. We take our target audience and their buying stages into account and at the time the content is placed into production,” Petro said. “It’s part of the tool, so I can go in and decide on required fields and determine early in the process what needs to be covered. That ensures there is always a rhyme or reason behind the content we are producing.”

Petro said Linkmedia 360 uses Raleigh House’s success story with DivvyHQ as an example to other clients who may be reluctant to adopt a content marketing platform.

“We are able to step back and look at not just one client’s needs, but all of our clients’ needs, and it’s that view—that perspective—that DivvyHQ really makes accessible.”

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