What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content? How to Leverage It to Amplify Your Content Marketing

For brands that sell on Amazon, differentiation is critical. It’s a very competitive landscape, so any boost can help. To provide this, you should consider Amazon enhanced brand content. It offers the ability to define a niche and attract more buyers.

In this post, we’ll be defining enhanced brand content (a.k.a. Amazon A+ Content). Then, we’ll discuss its benefits and value in content marketing.

What Is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon enhanced brand content or A+ Content describes a feature brands use to create their product descriptions. Specifically, it allows registered brands to customize product descriptions on branded ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers).

The content is more than just words; it’s visuals, too. Sellers can supplement their product pages with enhanced images and text that tell your brand story. You can also upload videos, which can support product benefits and branding in an interactive manner.

amazon enhanced brand content example

It’s only available to professional sellers approved as brand owners. To show brand ownership, you have to apply and have a live, registered trademark.

Another aspect of this feature is being able to use the Early Reviewer program. For a fee, Amazon will randomly select customers and request a review with a credit incentive. It’s not guaranteed to be a positive review. Still, as any eCommerce brand knows, reviews matter and can influence shoppers.

The Benefits of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

What benefits can you expect by leveraging enhanced brand content? Let’s take a look.

Decrease Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are high for most product pages. Customers take a few seconds to scan and then decide if the product is worth evaluating further. However, most people are highly visual. If they see an interesting image that conveys the product’s value, they are likely to stick around and put more consideration into making a purchase.

Elevate Your Brand from the Competition

If you look at the descriptions for two similar products, how is one going to stand out over the other? Images and brand storytelling are a safe bet. A typical product page is lines of text with bullets. It’s scannable but not engaging.

By using carefully curated images and impactful copy, your message will stand out. It’s not unlike how you create blogs or website pages. You’re seeking to provide an excellent customer experience. The objective is to encourage customers to learn more about your brand and why it’s different.

Reduce Product Returns and Bad Reviews

By executing your enhanced brand content plan, you’re being transparent and clear about a product. When users interact with this content, they have a more comprehensive idea of what it is and how it works.

This initial education should help buyers make better decisions. Empowering customers in this manner leads to fewer returns and bad reviews.

Improve Brand Awareness

Each visitor that visits your product pages will learn about your brand. Your content can deliver the features of a product but also your brand’s story. By engaging with customers in this manner, it’s a more authentic connection. Connections result in awareness and can help convert new customers.

Enhanced Brand Content: Is It Worth It?

We’ve just looked at three benefits to using it, but is it really worth the effort? There is no additional cost for it, but approvals can be slow. To discern if it’s a smart approach for your brand, ask these questions:

  • Is Amazon a major channel for sales?
  • Is your Amazon competition using them?
  • Is your product complex? If so, would visuals improve the level of understanding?
  • Do you have the resources to do this consistently?
  • Is the feature in alignment with your content strategy?

There are also many rules around the content. It’s critical to follow these guidelines to earn approval. Images must be specific sizes. Content should be error-free. You also can’t make guarantees or link away from Amazon. Check out the how-to below.

How Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Amplifies Content Marketing

If you want to make an impact on Amazon with enhanced brand content, it should be part of your content strategy. The messaging that you use around your products should remain consistent, no matter the channel.

While you cannot link back to your website, there are still content marketing tie-ins with enhanced brand content. Enhanced brand content can assist with solving key issues in eCommerce on Amazon. Those issues include differentiation and search engine rankings.

Your content strategy around eCommerce likely addresses these issues. Let’s focus on each one and its importance to content marketing amplification.


Providing differentiation for your brand is critical on every channel. You’ve likely developed a unique selling proposition (USP) and value proposition for your brand and each product. Let this guide you in your Amazon descriptions just as it does your blogs, website content, videos, and other formats.

Be original with your content and mimic your brand’s voice and tone. This content should be interesting, not read like a standard product description.

By developing differentiation content, you will continue to spread your brand story and message. It will also be consistent, something buyers will recognize.

SEO Boost

When you optimize your Amazon content, it’s not only for search efforts on the marketplace but also on Google. Your SEO objectives are critical to your content marketing efforts. The same strategy you use for SEO on the content you host, apply here.

Determine what keywords matter to your buyers when they search for products like yours. Then choose the ones that provide you with the best opportunity. They should naturally fit in your content—no keyword stuffing.

Make Enhanced Brand Content Part of Your Content Marketing

Amazon enhanced brand content is another channel for sharing your message. It’s a new realm to attract, engage, and convert buyers. If Amazon is a vital channel for you, it’s time to leverage this to amplify your content marketing, building a stronger brand vision.

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