Intelligent, Tech-Savvy, or Creative: Which Would Be a Good Content Creator?

Have you ever wondered why some content pieces are trendy, go viral, and get tons of shares and views? The reason is simple — they are well-written.

With the constant rise of content creation in businesses, it is crucial to understand what makes a good content creator in this age of information overflow. And content creation certainly extends beyond text-based formats these days, but for the sake of clarity, we’ll focus mostly on the traits of good writers today.

A content creator should be intelligent enough to deliver meaningful and actionable pieces, creative enough to come up with innovative ideas, and tech-savvy enough to manage all the aspects of creating a piece of content, including ideation, execution, optimization, and promotion.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how one can assess themselves as a good content writer and what factors make a good writer.

skills required for a content creator

Top Skills Required for a Content Creator

A content creator is a highly-skilled professional who takes on the role of creating and developing content for various platforms.

Content creators are responsible for writing and editing copy, sourcing and designing creative assets, and maintaining a high level of quality.

  • They must also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • A thorough understanding of the target audience,
  • A solid technical understanding of media tools such as graphic design, video editing, and SEO
  • Have strong writing, editing, research, and creative skills
  • You’ll also need to be tech-savvy and have experience with media tools such as graphic design and video editing.

Intelligence, Creativity, or Tech-savvy in Content Writing

An intelligent content creator must have an aptitude for research and be able to synthesize complex topics into easily understood pieces.

This requires reading, analyzing, and interpreting information and using that knowledge to create engaging and informative content.

A creative content creator needs to come up with fresh ideas and think outside the box regarding content creation.

This essential skill involves the ability to recognize opportunities for creativity in any situation, as well as the ability to develop a creative vision and execute that vision effectively.

A tech-savvy content creator should understand the latest trends in technology and how to use various software programs and platforms to create content effectively.
This essential skill involves understanding web technologies, such as HTML5 and CSS3, and various software programs, including Photoshop and Word.

An intelligent, creative, and tech-savvy content creator can create engaging and informative pieces across various digital platforms.

What Is IQ, and How Does it Help Content Writers?

IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a measure of intelligence that assesses a person’s ability to think and solve problems.

To write content effectively, content writers must have high IQs. The best content creators should have intelligence, creativity, and tech-savvy skills. It’s important for them to be intelligent enough to absorb information quickly and effectively.

However, it would be impossible for any writer to have “perfect” IQ scores. Instead, the intelligent writer should strive to balance intellectual with creative and technical skills to produce compelling and engaging content.

Overall, people with high IQ scores can do anything they put their minds to — as long as they are willing to learn new skills and approaches.

How Important Is Creativity in Content Creation?

content creators need to be highly creative

Creativity is essential for any content creator looking to succeed. It can be demonstrated in various ways, including coming up with fresh ideas, engaging readers, and creating exciting visuals that draw readers in.

For instance, content writers must be able to think outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom when writing about a controversial or sensitive topic.

They must also be tech-savvy and able to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tools required for effective content creation.

Additionally, intelligent content creators understand the subject and research it thoroughly before writing. This helps them write with authority and provide quality content.
Creativity is vital for content writers as it helps them develop new ideas and perspectives.

How Tech-savvy Should You Be to Become a Content Writer?

The ideal content creator should be intelligent, creative, and tech-savvy to create effective and engaging content. Combining these qualities is vital for writing well-rounded stories that engage with the audience.

A writer who combines intelligence with creativity can formulate creative ideas, visualize how the content will look, and find ways to make it stand out.

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Additionally, a good balance of all these skills makes a writer more likely to succeed than those who lack one or more.

For example, writers with strong creative abilities can develop engaging ideas but lack the technical skills to implement them. In contrast, a writer with a solid technical background may not have the creative imagination needed for a compelling story.

Therefore, content writers must possess intellectual and creative capabilities to produce high-quality work.

How to Assess a Good Content Writer?

A great content writer can produce engaging, informative content with a well-developed writing style and accurate grammar. To assess these qualities, you should analyze the writer’s grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

Additionally, you should evaluate the writer’s research capabilities by reviewing their knowledge of the subject and whether they have a firm grasp of the topic’s conventions and vocabulary.

You can also assess the creative ability of a content writer by looking at their ability to produce thoughtful, original content that leverages storytelling, analogies, metaphors and other creative writing devices.

In terms of tech-savviness, consider asking them to take an online IQ test to gauge their understanding of SEO strategies for maximum visibility in search results.

Lastly, keep an eye out for any red flags, such as plagiarism, grammatical errors, or poorly designed websites that indicate the potential hire may not be the right fit.


A content writer is a person who creates content to educate, inform, and inspire an audience. If you’re looking to become a content creator yourself, it’s essential to have intelligent and creative minds. Additionally, a good content creator must be tech-savvy enough to navigate various content production environments and produce high-quality content easily.

A good content creator will always keep up-to-date with the latest trends in their industry and be able to create meaningful and relevant content that resonates with their target audience.

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