What Makes DivvyHQ Different from Other Content Marketing Platforms?

Jack of all trades, master of none: Once upon a time, this was a solid positioning in the digital space. Today, it’s a death sentence.

Remember using America Online when the internet was first catching fire publicly? You could check your email, chat with your friends, find content through keywords… it was great! But after a while, as technology advanced and the web opened up, AOL’s accessible interface became restricting.

People wanted better navigation, better networks, better ways to find content. Web browsers, social media and search engines exploded onto the scene – and soon several subcategories under each.

Specialization is vital. At DivvyHQ, that’s a core principle of our business. Our product exists for a very specific purpose, with a unique focus that differentiates us from the pack when it comes to content marketing platforms.

Allow us to explain, and you can decide for yourself whether DivvyHQ sounds like a fit. But first…

What Is a Content Marketing Platform?

It’s a broad term, I’ll admit. Many different types of software technically fall under this umbrella, but while it’s most often accurate, it’s usually not very descriptive. Content marketing encompasses a wide array of processes and activities. You’ll often find all of the following tools (and more) in the CMP category:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • SEO Management Software
  • Marketing Automation Platforms
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Social Publishing Suites
  • Analytics Tools
  • Online Monitoring Software

To be sure, these stand-alone software categories help marketers manage important elements – optimization, publishing, promotion, and analysis – albeit the “back half” of the content marketing equation. DivvyHQ does interact with these initiatives (as we’ll cover shortly), but when we built the platform, our core focus was on the front half, which is where we find that so many busy content teams need help most.

DivvyHQ Overview

The DivvyHQ Difference

To narrow down the “content marketing platforms” definition, we describe our software as a cloud-based content planning, workflow, and collaboration tool. From our view, this is what a content marketing platform should be at its essence, and maybe that’s why DivvyHQ has been selected as the fan-favorite in the category three consecutive years.

Coordinating Creation

Ultimately, creativity is what fuels great content marketing. If your team isn’t consistently producing amazing content that your audience values, your strategy is doomed; the later steps don’t matter. DivvyHQ helps companies maximize the creative power of their content teams by organizing, streamlining, and simplifying the complexities of planning and collaboration.

When it comes to operationalizing your content strategy, ideation, planning and production processes, we believe that no other solution available comes close to matching DivvyHQ. Here are some of the ways our platform assists with these crucial activities:

  • Communication features within the app lessen your reliance on email for collaboration
  • Real-time notifications and alerts help ensure deadlines stay visible and prioritized
  • Accessibility and centralization eliminates the crippling silo effect
  • Permissions, roles, and approvals help DivvyHQ fit in with your existing team structure
  • Automated workflows create repeatable processes tailored to your approach
  • Idea repository and repurposing features foster a never-ending stream of fresh content
  • Unlimited content calendars sophisticate and compartmentalize your planning and scheduling

To put it simply, DivvyHQ handles the administrative and organizational aspects of a robust content operation so that your people can focus their time and energy on the most meaningful (and enjoyable) part of the job: creating.

The Full Picture

Your company needs to leverage content to engage your audience. Your audience dictates strategy and DivvyHQ’s analytics and content strategy tools help you nail that down. Content ideas and requests come out of the woodwork at all hours of the day, so DivvyHQ provides a shared repository and campaign management to fill your schedule with ease. DivvyHQ’s unique multi-calendar architecture keeps even the largest enterprise organized, all stakeholders informed, and all producers on schedule. Automation and integrations aid in getting content drafted, approved and published efficiently. Finally, the loop comes full circle with real-time data on how your content is performing in the wild.

For serious teams that want to produce their best work possible, DivvyHQ edges all other content marketing platforms when it comes to helping out in the most challenging practical and operational areas. At least, in our humble opinion. We welcome you to form your own by trying DivvyHQ free for two weeks – no credit card, no strings attached.