Is Your Content Valuable?

Is it just me, or is the internet getting a bit too crowded with content? For every topic you can think of, your search is sure to return millions of pieces of content for you to choose from.

In an age when content marketing is no longer optional, but mandatory, how can we make sure the content we produce will get seen by our target buyers as opposed to the millions of other pieces they might find.

It was true on our dairy farm and it’s true with content marketing. The cream always rises to the top. While the internet is packed full of content on every topic imaginable, the majority of that content is keyword-stuffed junk, then there’s the content that means well, but is boring, fluffy, wordy or jargony (new word alert!). That leaves a precious few pieces of content that actually deliver real value. So how do you make sure every piece of content you produce, whether blog content, video or audio content, is a diamond in the rough?

Here’s a quick, 3-question test you can use. Ask yourself these few questions after producing every piece, and your content will rise to the top!

1. Will it make my audience smarter?

We know the primary reason people search for content online is because they want to learn something. Accomplish that, and you’re well on your way.

2. Will it help them connect?

This can mean a couple different things depending on the context. If your content helps them connect on an emotional level with a concept, idea or value, in the biz we call these “aha moments,” this can be a very memorable way to add value. Another way to help them connect is through content curation. Content curators are looking for content that they can use to benefit their readers, so creating content with curation in mind will help them connect with their readers and get your content in front of more eyeballs.

3. Does it offer them something?

I’m not talking about including a sales pitch in every post, but does your piece of content offer them additional opportunities to read about this topic. Maybe you’ve written a few others in a series. Link to those and offer them as additional reading. Directly link to a reference site in your post. Giving your audience other pieces of content that’s linked to yours, offers them additional sources of information that they now trust and can access in a click. That’s valuable.

*BONUS* 4. Does it make their day?

Think your content must be dull and academic in nature to provide value? Think again! Some of the best content out there is engaging, funny, educational in a light-hearted way. It’s pure sunshine when you come across a piece of content that gives you value and makes you smile. There’s your challenge!

How does your content measure up?