10 AI Tools for Content Marketing Worth Checking Out

While no one (yet) can convince us that artificial intelligence (AI) can replace a human’s nuanced thought, several AI tools for content marketing can certainly simplify your work.

The DivvyHQ team has been tinkering with a variety of tools over the past several months, and it’s a bit mind-boggling how fast this space is evolving. New tools that serve specific marketing and content-centric use cases are popping up regularly, but here are some of our favorites so far.

1. Grammarly

Frankly, we have a love-hate relationship with this AI-powered grammar cop. It makes a fabulous assistant — but as a boss, not so much. Watch out for its weird suggestions.

When it comes to catching typos and blatant grammatical errors (and who doesn’t make those when facing tight deadlines), Grammarly has been a godsend.

However, it doesn’t always catch the nuances of the English language. Especially regarding technical terms in various professions.

For example, a colleague of ours who writes marketing copy for a law firm noticed that Grammarly didn’t quite care for the legal term “notice of action,” when she used it one too many times in a post. It suggested “information of action” instead.

Nonsense. For that, we’re glad we have humans to check the final copy. But, we’re equally thrilled when Grammarly finds our typos before our editorial team does.

2. Writer

Among all the content and automation tools we’ve explored, there’s one AI platform that really excites us. That’s Writer, an AI content creation and governance platform.

Formerly Qordoba (yes, Grammarly, we spelled that correctly), Writer has a wealth of features that make it a must-have for content teams. Chief among those is a tool that allows your governance team to incorporate brand terms, messaging snippets, and style rules to help ensure your creatives nail your brand voice.

Want a jump start on creating drafts for blog posts, emails, social posts, ad copy, support responses, or FAQs? Plug in a descriptive prompt, pick your format, and let Writer do the heavy lifting.

Writer + DivvyHQ

Our favorite part is that you can do pretty much all of this right within the DivvyHQ editor. With Writer’s Chrome extension, you can get real-time recommendations for brand style, clarity, and inclusivity, and an autocorrect tool that nips typos in the bud. With Writer, you have an indispensable partner that can make your life a whole lot easier.

3. HubSpot SEO

HubSpot’s AI-powered SEO tool provides you with “actionable recommendations” that help you optimize your website content for your target audience’s searches, all ranked by the impact they will make on your content’s search results.

With this tool, you can easily revise older content for today’s search algorithms and receive data that shows how your changes have boosted your search results. Additionally, if you’re overhauling your website, HubSpot has a drag-and-drop tool that can help you optimize your site refresh to perform at peak efficiency in attracting — and converting — your prime prospects.

4. Descript

Today’s audiences demand more video content from brands. From how-to videos to case studies on how your products can make life easier for your customers, a clear majority of your target market likely expects you to produce quality videos.

Oberlo - Video Statistics

Image via Oberlo

Descript can make it easy for your editorial teams — even those without a background in video or film production — to edit your videos as easily as if they were blog posts. It’s a big plus for larger companies who need quality videos at scale but cannot make room in their budgets for a Hollywood-trained production team.

5. Synthesia.io

Don’t confuse this powerful tool with the piano trainer of the same name. This AI video software bypasses the casting process, allowing you to create custom AI avatars that bring your brand image to life.

It’s like your favorite sci-fi series come to life. These synthesized “beings” can read from whatever text you give them, giving your brand a human face without paying a professional actor. Even if you’re short on budget, you can create compelling videos without all the hassle.

6. Wordsmith

Data-driven marketing goes on autopilot when you use Wordsmith by Automated Insights. Using this tool, you can create content templates that transform the data in your spreadsheets into understandable content.

It’s an ideal tool to give your content teams a leg up on the research end of things. Let the natural language generation (NLG) software do the heavy lifting on the first draft, and let your creatives transform the content it generates into copy that connects on both a rational and emotional level with your audience.

7. Jasper

When your teams run out of creative juices to come up with clever social posts, let Jasper come to the rescue. Simply enter a prompt, and the AI writer will churn out short-form content that can serve as the starting blocks for your human writers’ ideation projects.

And, if your company has offices in non-English-speaking countries, Jasper can likely inspire your foreign creative teams in their native tongues. Both GDPR- and CCPA-compliant, Jasper will make your compliance and legal teams’ work go more smoothly as well.

8. Writesonic

Are your teams finding themselves strapped for time when writing long-form blog posts and chapters for the ebooks and white papers that make your B2B prospects take notice? Writesonic’s AI tool specializes in creating long-form content (up to 1,500 words).

That’s like giving each of your long-form and technical writers a personal assistant who can spit out rough drafts of each chapter. Then giving them the extra time they need to polish and personalize the content to meet the needs of each key decision-maker.

9. Frase

Background research that comes from reputable sources outside your company’s own data eats up a ton of your creatives’ time. While familiarity with the topic helps a writer develop enough confidence to create in-depth content, it’s the digging up of information that’s a time-suck.

Frase can peruse the internet for your teams, producing the key points, headings, and subheadings for each piece of content in the results. Armed with this information, your teams can construct content that can outpace your competitors’ work.

10. BuzzSumo

If you want to keep current with all the latest trends — and you should — BuzzSumo should be at the top of your “I want” list. Powered by AI, this tool searches the internet to uncover the content and topics that are getting the most engagement in news relevant to your work.

Then, your teams can create thought leadership content around those topics, making your brand the most dependable source of reliable information in your industry.

Pull It All Together with DivvyHQ

While all these AI content tools can help streamline several aspects of your content creation process, DivvyHQ’s content operations platform can push that process to the next level.

With customized content workflow templates that coordinate the production schedule, to a dynamic content calendar, you have everything you need to automate the entire creation process.

When you’re ready to publish, DivvyHQ has you covered there, too. Publish to all your channels and then track its performance with our robust content analytics tool.

There’s even more to discover when you try DivvyHQ for yourself. Best of all, you won’t have to pay a dime while you try it. Start your free DivvyHQ trial today!