Gilson: Content Marketing as Precise as the Science Behind the Products

“When creating content for the scientific community, it needs to be compelling and technically accurate.”

With a target audience of scientists and purchasers in academic institutions and biotech companies—globally—Jenna Hillmer and her content marketing team are challenged with balancing all the content for Gilson’s extensive portfolio to an exacting audience.

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For three generations, Gilson has been a family-owned company supporting research scientists with an assortment of lab equipment, including pipettes, extraction, and purification systems. With a worldwide network of representatives and authorized partners, they offer sales, support, and expertise to scientists, researchers, and business leaders around the globe.

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A Matter of Balance

In a company with sales and operations in countries that span the globe, the small and mighty marketing team produces and distributes up to 60 pieces of content per month (and that’s not including social media)!

Prior to Divvy, the content production workflow was being managed via email. It was clunky, inefficient, and the process resulted in bottlenecks and delays. It was also very difficult to consistently balance the volume, production, and distribution.

We had too much volume to coordinate and review through email. We needed a central hub to track reviews, provide feedback, and keep us all organized. Now it’s all being accomplished through the DivvyHQ platform.” ~ Jenna Hillmer, Content Marketing Manager

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The Divvy Solution

It’s all in one place. The most impactful benefit the Gilson content marketing team is experiencing is that every stage of the content production, scheduling, review process, and distribution happens within the Divvy platform.

All feedback is tracked from each reviewer, so the workflow is faster and more efficient. In addition, feedback can be applied from one content piece to similar future pieces, making the review stage shorter.

“Our Director of Marketing gets pinged from the Divvy system when it’s time for her to review a content document, making it easy for her to respond quickly and prevent bottlenecks during the review process.”

~ Jenna Hillmer, Content Marketing Manager

Projects are categorized based on each of the product lines in the Divvy platform—another feature contributing to the organization and efficiency of the workflow.

And detailed reports from Divvy’s robust analytics module help inform the next year’s budgeting, strategy, and campaigns.

What Happens After the Sale?

Gilson was onboarded in 2019. While it’s always hard adopting new technology, the Divvy team walked the Gilson marketing team through the extensive training process, and the benefits of the solution were soon realized.

“The customer support team is incredible! Brock and Brody were available, approachable, and open to feedback for product improvement. They are so quick to respond to any questions or issues—within hours. The amount and level of support through the years has been awesome.”

~ Jenna Hillmer, Content Marketing Manager

Divvy Makes Content Marketing Easier

Gilson’s marketing team soon came to appreciate Divvy’s automated workflows and production scheduling features. It keeps everyone on track, on schedule, and on task while managing priorities and task lists. Jenna Hillmer says, “It also helps determine the time required for each content piece based on previous review processes, making it easier to budget human resources and time.”

She goes on, “The new content request form has allowed much greater efficiency when it comes to getting geo-targeted projects from the European marketing team. Once a form is received, the system converts it to a project, and we can easily and efficiently add it into our production workflow.”

Words of Advice from Gilson

“Don’t be afraid to set up demos with any content management platform that you’re considering. Features of each may be similar but focus on what the post-sale support and responsiveness will look like. That’s a big differentiator.”