Case Study: Manifest Changes Content Destiny with DivvyHQ

Manifest is at the top of its game when it comes to creating content marketing campaigns that resonate with almost any audience, but keeping track of fluctuating client and audience demands in the ever-evolving digital world became a pain point.

“With content marketing, it’s like the wild, wild west. Everything is agile and you need to pay attention to what the audience is following. It’s not planned months in advance,” explained Ricky Ribeiro, VP of Creative at Manifest. “High volume, agile, rapid response content doesn’t happen in the way a traditional ad campaign happens, with planning months in advance and a smooth, controlled rollout.”

Simplifying Content Marketing for Agencies

DivvyHQ, a content marketing platform designed with agencies like Manifest in mind, helped Ribeiro’s creative team simplify its real-time content marketing efforts while adding speed and agility to the process.

“I no longer wonder what are we publishing today and so as a manager, I feel more in control and less worried about what is happening on a day-to-day basis. It also allows me retroactively to see when we had drop-offs in content output, so I can adjust my planning and identify production hiccups,” Ribeiro said.


DivvyHQ’s robust, content calendars can be shared with team members and clients alike and take the guessing game out of the planning process while helping keep track of content that has been published.

“One of the things we like about DivvyHQ is that it isn’t complex. It’s one of the few tools that is straightforward. We can look at the month, week and day and see what’s going up and when, and we can see who is responsible for it. It’s not too hard to understand what is posting and when,” Ribeiro said. “I love the existence of a tool that is centralized and offers me forward and backward visibility into the content.”

Agency Benefits

As a manager, Ribeiro appreciates the time saved by not having to manually keep track of published content items by visiting websites and perusing the homepage to see what has been published or searching specific headlines to see if the stories are up on the site.

“With DivvyHQ’s export tool, I can export a csv file of everything we published that week. My time has been dramatically eased by the availability of that deliverable.”

For project managers, the ability to collaborate has been a huge benefit. DivvyHQ’s content manager allows internal and external users to add team members who can view stories, make suggestions, add art and generally keep track of content throughout the entire content creation process.

Team members receive email alerts as an FYI or when action is required on their part, and they can then access the content and make changes all in one place, as opposed to sending marked-up documents back and forth through email.

“Content is a slippery eel and stories shift, get killed or move up, and without some tool to manage it, it’s almost an impossible task. Our project managers are uploading stuff and are able to comment so they are our biggest fans of DivvyHQ. It really helps them track and manage things.”
– Ricky Ribeiro, Vice President, Creative

Unexpected Outcomes

Another benefit of DivvyHQ, according to Ribeiro: It’s fun to use and actually has helped improve general client interaction.

“One of my clients shares my affection for comic books, so he uploaded Dr. Doom as his DivvyHQ avatar, and I joked that I should change mine to Wolverine.”