Case Study: DivvyHQ Offers Wake-Up Call for UL Marketing Team

When Angie Pedersen joined Underwriters Laboratories in 2016, she inherited a tangled web of blog and social media content for the safety science company’s Prospector Search Engine product. The marketing content developer jokingly referred to the struggle to manage all the content as a “pre-existing condition.”

“I’m responsible for assigning, editing and posting about 20 pieces of blog content each month from a team of 10 contributors,” Pedersen said. “So it’s a lot to keep track of.”

Hitting the Reset Button

Pedersen’s predecessor had enlisted the help of DivvyHQ’s content marketing software to curate content for the raw materials search engine, but the effort languished. A believer of content management organization systems, Pedersen dove into DivvyHQ headfirst.

“They had already subscribed to Divvy, but weren’t really using it. So I spearheaded adoption for the team and was involved with getting everything into DivvyHQ and starting to use it regularly,” Pedersen said. “I really appreciate having everything in one place.”

When Pedersen opens her internet browser every morning, her DivvyHQ calendar is one of her startup tabs, offering a snapshot of the day ahead and the chance to make sure blog posts and social promos are posted as scheduled.

DivvyHQ is actually a part of Pedersen’s Monday morning routine and gives her peace of mind for what the week ahead will hold:

“It is nice to see everything at a glance so I can just go into the calendar view to see what is coming up and what I need to be working on this week, and I can change the views to see just social and the deadlines of things. I love being able to see what has already been published and all grayed out and I can see what’s done and what still needs to be done.”

Favorite Features

One of Pedersen’s favorite features of the content interface is the ability to leave notes for other team members on specific pieces of content and the ability to see notes left by others via DivvyHQ’s quick edit overlay.

“It’s great to be able to see the last comment posted and get a quick status update rather than opening the entire content editor and reviewing everything. I can quickly find out if something has been posted, scheduled or assigned.”

Spreadsheet Shortcomings

Like many marketing teams, UL used Google Sheets prior to DivvyHQ, but the spreadsheets were one-dimensional and did little to enhance efficiency and productivity.

“Spreadsheets were helpful enough to see what’s coming up, but they really don’t track statuses very well. Everything wasn’t in one place, so you couldn’t assign things and notify someone that the ball is in their court, for example. With DivvyHQ’s platform, we can create tasks in the calendar and create documents and add images all in one place. We don’t have to go to three different places to get what is needed for a post,” Pedersen said.

Once blog posts are published, DivvyHQ’s social publishing integrations can help efficiently promote content. Even better, the platform’s content calendar keeps track of who, what, when and where items have been posted.

“It’s nice to be able to know all of these blog posts went live on Friday, and when everything’s been posted on social,” Pedersen said. “Thanks to DivvyHQ, we now have a well-rounded content marketing system.”

About UL

UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions. The Prospector® search engine from UL combines two sources of specialized raw material and ingredient information, Innovadex and IDES, into one powerful search engine for product developers and engineers. Offering accurate and reliable technical information for tens of thousands of products and the ability to connect with suppliers from around the world, the Prospector® search engine is the fastest way to find nearly any kind of material or ingredient.