Latest Bug Fixes

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Here’s a list of the little bugs we squashed last week (the bug in the photo was not harmed).

#1 Parking Lot Sharing now set to “On” by default – before, when you signed up for an account, or added a new user, the Parking Lot Sharing setting (located within My Account) was set by default to “Off.” This caused problems because team members would add content items to their Parking Lot, and no one else on their team could see them. The simple fix was to change the Parking Lot Sharing feature to “On” by default and let you, the user, choose to turn it off if you want.

#2 The Summary field is no longer required on the Dashboard – We’ve been asked to lessen the number of required fields within the Quick Add feature on the Dashboard, so we did. You no longer need to enter a Summary, just a title, calendar, type and assignee. We’re willing to negotiate required fields, so leave us your feedback in the comments if there are other fields you would like to see not required.

#3 Recurring Content Items now copy over the “Publish To” field – For some reason, the “Publish To” field wasn’t copying to your subsequent recurrences. But it does now.

As always, let us know if you find anything else and we’ll get it fixed!

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