Are you tired of content chaos?

Maybe it’s time to use a tool that’s built specifically for content, marketing, and communications teams. Planning, creating, and publishing content consistently is hard and so…darn…time consuming. You could try using a “one-size-fits-all” project management tool. Or, you could use a platform created specifically for you.

Automate and simplify your content planning and workflow with Divvy. It’s time to take your content process by the horns.

The Ultimate

Content Marketing Software Comparison

Different tools are great for different things. We just happen to be the best
platform for content, communications, marketing, and sales teams.

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Who Divvy is built for:

  • Content teams
  • Marketing teams
  • External communications teams
  • Internal communications teams
  • Marketing, PR, and communications agencies

Who Divvy is not built for:

  • Pretty much every other team.

Why do the top content marketers use Divvy?

Divvy is a highly specialized platform that will help you manage the most important stages of your content development process, including strategy development, ideation, planning, production workflow, and collaboration.

And with so many powerful integrations, it’s a perfect complement to the downstream tools you use and love.

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What else makes Divvy unique?

  • Our content strategy builder keeps your teams aligned and on the same page
  • Easily organize and manage all content ideas, requests, campaigns and assets in one place
  • Build out request forms to formalize your content request intake process
  • Divvy has the most robust and intuitive content calendar on the market
  • Our workflow builder automates your production tasks and notifications
  • Create and collaborate on content using our HTML editor and track changes over time
  • Filter and search your archive of past content to quickly find assets
  • Quickly analyze strategic alignment on topics, audiences, buyer stages, and more
  • Leverage Divvy Analytics to track the performance of your team and your content

Why our customers select Divvy:

  • Reduces their reliance on email and other communication tools
  • It improves transparency by tearing down silo walls
  • It tracks team performance
  • Provides real time status updates on projects
  • Increases process efficiency
  • It brings order out of chaos
  • It allows producers to focus on what they’re good at…Creating Great Content!