Customizing Your Editorial Calendar: Which Deadlines are Important to You?

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Hello everyone…In this video we’d like to walk through one of DivvyHQ’s settings that let’s you customize which key dates get displayed on your editorial calendar. Before we dig in too deep, let’s quickly review the key dates that are available to you when working with an individual content item.

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DivvyHQ’s Four Key Dates

When editing an individual content item, there are four key dates that you can set to help you manage your content: production, launch, promotion and review of each content item.

  1. The Publish Date is obviously the date on which you will launch this particular piece.
  2. The Production Deadline is the deadline you can set for the piece to be produced. One thing to note here…If there are multiple team members working on this piece, and there are multiple deadlines for this project, you can adjust the production deadline for each production step. For example, you could set an initial production deadline for the copywriting piece. Once that’s done, you could adjust the production deadline for the design piece of the project.
  3. Promotion Date – We included this date as a separate reminder since the promotion of content is so important, and often overlooked. We also realize that many organizations have separate social media managers or community managers that are responsible for this particular activity, so having a separate date prompt is important to keep them on schedule.
  4. Review Date – This is the content governance piece of Divvy. Many organizations may have separate compliance or governance team members that are tasked with ensuring the accuracy of any external content. This particular video post is a good example. I’m providing a how-to video on the functionality of these key date settings, but this functionality may very well change in the coming months. It would be smart to set a review date of two months from now so that I am reminded (via email) to review this video and determine if it’s still accurate based on improvements that we have made to Divvy.

Key Date Display via Your Calendar View

So, we’ve now established the four key dates for this content item. Now let’s go to our calendar view. As you can see, we now have three instances of the example content item on the calendar for today and tomorrow. The first is our production deadline and then we see tomorrow’s publish and promotion deadlines. We can also jump ahead two months and see our review date.


Some of you may be thinking (because we’ve received several user questions about this) that seeing all three of these instances might be a little confusing, especially for team members who don’t need to see each instance of the content item. Depending on the roles and responsibilities of your individual team members, it might be helpful to customize or remove some of  the dates that display on their individual calendars.

My Calendar Settings


The display of these key dates can be customized in your My Account settings. Scroll down to “My Calendar Settings” and each team member can adjust which dates are important for them to see. Here are a few examples:

  • Your Copywriter – Let’s say you have a copywriter that creates blog content for you. They don’t need to see publish dates, promotion dates or review dates. They only need to see production deadlines. They can uncheck those that aren’t needed, hit save and their calendar view will now only display those production deadlines.
  • Your Social Media Manager – You have a social media manager that spearheads your content promotion. All they need to see is the promotion dates. They can check that, hit save and then they have a clean calendar view that only shows them what they need to see.

Thanks for watching this video and we hope it helps make your content management process, and your life, a little easier.

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