You tell stories. Your data should, too.

Introducing DivvyHQ Analytics, a robust, customizable dashboard solution that brings all your marketing data into one platform, and presents key metrics that tell the story of how your content is performing.

Getting a one-on-one demo with a member of our staff is a perfect first step in evaluating our new analytics offering. We’d love to learn how you are currently tracking and measuring your content marketing efforts, and what you are looking for in an analytics solution.

During the demo, you’ll learn how our insights platform helps our customers…

  • Save time – no more manually aggregating data from multiple platforms
  • Take control – your own analytics solution to focus in on your team’s content performance data
  • Customize – we’ll help you build the reports you really need
  • Create better content – see what’s working in real-time so your team can do more of it.

Get started with Divvy.

We’d love an opportunity to talk shop, give you a quick tour of our sample insights dashboards and show you how we can relieve the pain of your current reporting process.

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