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August 2018

Position Objective:

We are looking to add to our software engineering team with the addition of a Django Team Lead. Specifically, we’re looking for somebody who has industry experience, a passion for web technologies and an interest in furthering their career. This hire will be instrumental in building our team and must show a willingness to lead and mentor. And of course, you have to be a pretty good engineer, too!

First and foremost, DivvyHQ is looking for somebody that can check off the majority of these hard skills listed below.


  • Experience with Django (4+ years)
  • Experience with JavaScript (4+ years)
  • Experience with HTML (4+ years)
  • Experience with Postgres
  • Experience writing unit tests
  • Experience using GitHub, including documentation and pull requests
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


  • Experience with Backbone.js
  • Experience with Sass (or similar)
  • Experience with Webpack
  • Experience with Javascript Task Runners (Grunt, Gulp, etc)
  • Familiarity with Linux (desktop and server)
  • Knowledge of ES6


  • Experience with Marionette.js
  • Experience with Mocha, Chai and Sinon.JS
  • Experience with Javascript Test Runners and Tools (Karma, Jasmine, etc)
  • Experience with nginx
  • Experience with Elasticsearch
  • Experience with RabbitMQ
  • Experience with Jenkins
  • Experience with Ansible (or similar)
  • Experience with Amazon AWS
  • Experience with server administration

DivvyHQ is a fast growing company and we enjoy a light hearted attitude. We’re serious about doing the best we can, but also realize that work is no fun when we’re always just heads down in our work. So, to ensure you’re the best fit for our culture and work ethic, we also need somebody that can check off a bunch of these soft skills, too.


  • Ability to analyze, optimize and automate business processes
  • Ability to model, document and implement system requirements extracted from discussions with business / product owners
  • Ability to thoroughly analyze requirements for missing specifications
  • Highly motivated, focused and resourceful
  • Desire to grow into a leadership role
  • Proven track record of taking initiative
  • Perform your duties with high integrity


  • Articulate your reaction clearly and skillfully with GIFs (jif or gif?)
  • Laugh at funny jokes (even when they aren’t funny)
  • A love for quality coffee from one of KCs finest roasters (mmmmmm)
  • A work-life balance that helps you prioritize your life (#LiveLifeToo)
  • Enjoy celebrating wins with the team at our favorite watering hole (Friday at The Rieger, anyone?)

Well, you’ve made it to the end. Does that mean you’re still interested? If so, shoot us a line at nick+djangotl[@] with the subject Django Team Lead, and please include your resume and a cover letter (less than 200 words, please).

Time Commitment: Full-Time

Compensation: Salary

Location: Kansas City, Missouri


About DivvyHQ

DivvyHQ is recognized as one of the leading content marketing platforms in the world. We make it incredibly easy for marketing teams to plan, produce, collaborate and publish high-quality content more efficiently. The bottom line is we simplify the entire process and workflow, so marketers  can focus on what they are good at; creating great content.

DivvyHQ’s unique functionality combines web-based calendars, content management and online collaboration to help global content teams plan, schedule and produce any type of content across an organization. Some of our notable clients are Aflac, Dupont, Mercedes-Benz, Lowes, Olive Garden, Target, Virgin Mobile, National Geographic, Red Bull and Paychex.

DivvyHQ is a Kansas City-based software company with a great team culture. We work hard, have high expectations, are committed to results, and have a lot of fun at the same time!


This posting does not necessarily cover every task or duty that might be assigned, and additional responsibilities may be assigned as necessary.