The Five Realities of Publishing Frequency That May Keep You Up at Night

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Today’s marketers have a lot going on. On any given day, we’re buried in meetings and email and, if we have time left in the day, we’re creating and managing content and engaging our audiences on multiple channels. And then your boss walks in…”Hey, we’re about ready to launch a new widget, so we’re going to need an all-new content effort to promote it.”

Who needs sleep?

For some, the daily grind of to-dos simply gets in the way of our ability to create and publish content on a consistent basis. Others don’t stand a chance since they haven’t defined any sort of publishing frequency or schedule in the first place.

Quality vs. Quantity

The road to consistency begins with an identification of a publishing frequency that you can sustain. But nailing that down will only get you out of the driveway. You also need to set expectations on the quality of the content, as high-quality content typically takes longer to produce and thus may require a lower frequency.

The content quality vs. quantity debate has been going on for over a decade now in content marketing circles. If you’re really interested in seeing which side is winning these days, just Google it and we bid you a “good luck.” We certainly have our own opinions on this topic, but there are some harsh realities that you should consider when thinking about the publishing frequency of any new content initiative.

Reality #1 – Content Shock

The term “content shock” arose early in 2015 thanks to a controversial blog post by Mark Schaefer, one of the marketing industry’s top thought leaders. To summarize, Mark argued that content supply far exceeds demand.

Mark Schaefer“The volume of content on the web is exploding at a ridiculous rate…However, our ability to consume that content (demand) is finite.” – Mark Schaefer

To an extent, we agree. The internet and social networks have become a never-ending firehose of noise and it’s getting infinitely more challenging for organizations to break through that noise. And as we all know, there are only so many hours in the day. Only a fraction of those hours will be available for your audience to consume content. Even groundbreaking content assets may never make it to their intended audience.

So put yourselves in your audience’s shoes: How much time do you realistically spend per day or per week on engaging with a brand’s content? What publishing frequency would be too much and perhaps even prompt you to unsubscribe?

Reality #2 – We Scan for Relevance & Value

Think about your email inbox. If you’re like most, part of your morning routine is scanning your emails and purging anything that is irrelevant or has no obvious value. If you’re an email marketer, the last thing you want is for your email promotion or newsletter to be purged immediately. This same story applies to social networks and blog feed readers. If your headlines and images don’t scream of relevance and value, you’re just wasting time and resources.

Ask yourself, at what publishing frequency can we ensure that we’re always delivering a high level of relevance and value? And are we dedicating enough time creating enticing headlines that will compel clicks?

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