Coming Next Week: The 2018 Content Planning Report

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Coming up with a plan is tough when you don’t know what’s heading your way.

We can’t foresee the unforeseeable, which makes content planning an endless challenge. It is impossible to anticipate all of the internal and external moving parts that influence and dictate your content calendar’s makeup.

But here’s something you can confidently anticipate: DivvyHQ and TopRank Marketing’s 2018 Content Planning Report, which will be hitting the web very soon. We’re hopeful that this research will help ease your overall content planning efforts by offering context, clarity, and expert recommendations.

Much like with the 2017 Content Planning Report, we cast a wide net in surveying a diverse range of marketing pros from around the world to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities. Additionally, we enlisted trailblazers like Carla Johnson, Michael BrennerChristopher Giarratana, Dave Charest, Robert Rose, Rob Glickman, and Tamsen Webster for inside tips on leveling up your programs.

Among the areas we explore in the upcoming 2018 Content Planning Report, here are some of the most interesting questions to which we now have answers:

  • What are the biggest changes content teams have seen since last year?
  • Where are key distinctions emerging between larger and smaller teams?
  • Which tactics are most prevalent for content marketers at this time? What are the foremost challenges and successes?
  • Where do things stand with content workflow and strategy?
  • How are content teams collaborating, and what barriers are frequently holding us back?
  • Which metrics are being used to track effectiveness?
  • What are the standards for content production volume?

Get ready to douse these burning questions because the report is almost ready to go, and we can’t wait to put it in front of you.

If you want to get a full grasp of the content marketing and planning landscape, and where your peers stand upon it, this free downloadable ebook is for you.

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