Evergreen Content: Producing Sustainable Results for Your Company’s Blog (Examples Included)

In your content marketing pursuits, having a company blog that gets backlinks, ranks well for relevant keywords, and receives a consistent stream of content is likely top of mind. There are many ways to accomplish these objectives, but the most important of them may be evergreen content. Evergreen content should be an integral part of your content strategy, and we’re going to provide you with some great tips on how to execute it well with evergreen content examples.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content describes content that doesn’t have an expiration date. Topics for these pieces will always be vital to your audience, regardless of what’s happening in the industry. It’s called evergreen because of the plant that never loses its color.

An evergreen content topic is typically going to be:

  • Something your buyers will always need
  • Fundamentals of a challenge that won’t go away
  • How-tos that don’t need to be reinvented
  • Case studies that will always be meaningful

It should not broach timely topics that are important in the moment but will soon be out of date. Even if it’s a topic that will always be of interest doesn’t mean it’s evergreen. Your customers may always have an interest in stock tips, but the strategies and tactics of picking stocks can change quite dramatically over time. See the difference?

Why Does Evergreen Content Matter?

Well, it goes back to those three objectives — backlinks, organic rankings, and traffic. It’s not that you shouldn’t create content on timely topics, but you have to understand that the traffic to the post will decline over time as the environment changes.

Evergreen content is something you don’t have to keep updating or recreating. If it’s always accurate, then you’ll get more points from Google as well. Google wants to provide searchers the best results for their query, and if your content is out of date, it won’t be rewarded.

Because it’s a pillar piece that remains relevant, you are likely to see backlinks to it, which drives up its quality score. Further, the more your content is found from other sources or through search, the more views it will receive. This volume will be consistent instead of spiking and ebbing.

Developing Evergreen Topics

So, what should evergreen topics be? Here are some tips on how to stack your content calendar with evergreen blog posts.

Identify Keywords

  • Use a keyword planner tool to understand the search volume and trends of keywords that matter to your audience.
  • Start with keywords that have significant volume and look at the pages that rank highest to determine if they are receiving sufficient traffic.
  • Examine trends for the keywords you have narrowed down from the first two steps. Use Google Trends to understand the long-term search volume of the keyword to discern if it’s consistent.

Create “10X Content”

The term “10X content” refers to making what you produce 10 times better than what exists. This provides you with a chance at long-term rankings. Creating “10x content” involves:

  • Quality: Is the piece well-written, optimized, and easy to read? Does it solve a problem? Does your website provide a good user experience?
  • Uniqueness: Does your content offer a distinct approach and voice on the subject? (Quick tip: You should avoid angles with a short lifespan.)
  • Authority: Are you able to showcase thought leadership on the topic?
  • Longevity: Are you referencing anything that is time-bound specific? (Quick tip: Don’t use phrases that automatically date the content, such as “this year” or “last month.”)

Maintaining Evergreen Content

Even though your pillar pieces are mostly future-proof, they still require some pruning from time to time to ensure they are delivering results. In maintaining evergreen content, you should:

  • Monitor rankings: Consistently review the content analytics of the piece and respond to any major drops.
  • Refresh as needed: If you see a decrease in views, you may need to revisit your piece to see what needs an update, such as statistics and data. You may also have broken links.
  • Build links: Backlinking and rankings are connected. Find ways to generate more backlinks to your pillar, evergreen pieces to improve their visibility.

You can find more tips in our Evergreen Content Beginner’s Guide.

Evergreen Content Examples

These brands are nurturing and growing their audiences with these powerful evergreen content examples.

Neil Patel’s Post on Increasing YouTube Views

Summary: It’s a blog post originally written in 2016 that provides examples of how brands can be successful with YouTube. Find it here.

Why It Works: YouTube is a critical channel for many content marketers, especially as video becomes a dominant format. Increasing viewership is a topic that will always be important to the audience, and the fundamentals of what Patel is advising are just that — fundamental. It’s not dealing with trends but foundational strategies.

Neil Patel - evergreen content examples

Image Source

Marketing Land’s “A Field Guide to Amazon Advertising”

Summary: It’s an all-inclusive guide to using Amazon ads for ecommerce businesses. Read it here.

Why It Works: The content is universal and appealing to ecommerce and breaks down all the aspects of Amazon ads. Even though the platform continues to evolve, the basics haven’t changed. This piece would be easy to update as well when those changes occur.

Marketing Land - evergreen content examples

Image Source

Isle Surf & SUP’s “How to Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board”

Summary: The piece provides readers with a how-to on paddle boards. View it here.

Why It Works: This how-to post has long legs. Paddle boarding, although “trendy,” will likely not change dramatically in design or function. There were always be “new” paddle boarders.

Isle - evergreen content examples

Image Source

Eventbrite’s “12 Stories of Events Gone Wrong and Lessons Learned”

Summary: It’s a new slant on the case study format that takes real-world stories and offers commentary. See it here.

Why It Works: It serves as a cautionary tale for audience members, and those same snags are likely still prevalent in the life of an event planner.

Eventbrite - evergreen content examples

Image Source

Evergreen Content: Here to Stay

Evergreen content should play a key role in your content marketing efforts. With just a few evergreen pieces, you can see impactful results. The more you plan and produce on a regular basis, the better those results will be. Get inspired by looking deeper at these evergreen content examples and then get planning.

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