New Marketing Technology Trends: 5 Takeaways for Content Managers

Anyone who works in content marketing knows the trends can change faster than the seasons. And if there’s one area where transformation is even more rapid, it is the technology that powers content marketing.

In this world of constant innovation and inundation, one thing that’s reliably true is that adopting the right content marketing technologies is absolutely critical to success. This was made clear again in the latest benchmarking research from CMI, which found huge gaps between the most successful and least successful teams based on proficiency with content marketing tech.

For content managers, it’s a conundrum: We know these tools are crucial to our success, but we’re too busy keeping up with our own programs to stay on top of all that’s happening with content marketing trends.

We’ve got you covered. Recently, the folks at Ascend2 released their latest Marketing Technology Trends report. There’s plenty of good info inside and today we’ll highlight what we believe to be the five most pertinent findings for content marketing managers looking ahead to 2019

New Content Marketing Technology Trends: 5 Stats Content Managers Should Know

1. 63% of marketing influencers are working on implementing the marketing technology they need. Only 19% say they’ve completed it.

If you’re still in the process of trying to get your team up to speed on content marketing tech, you’re certainly not alone. Nearly two-thirds of marketing influencers (a sample consisting of mostly management- or exec-level respondents at companies of all sizes) say they’re “working on it.”

This much is for sure: you don’t wanna be in the group who are just “talking about it” or worse yet, “doing nothing.”

2. Increasing marketing ROI and improving marketing efficiency are the two top strategic priorities with technology.

I don’t think this is especially surprising. ROI is the name of the game for marketing managers everywhere that need to demonstrate the value and financial impact of their efforts. Virtually all content marketing technologies are — at least obliquely — geared toward improving marketing ROI. Sixty-five percent of respondents called this out as a top priority.

Improving efficiency tends to go hand-in-hand with ROI, because there’s obviously a direct correlation between the two. But this option speaks more to a prime operational benefit of adopting quality marketing tech: it reduces the amount of time your team spends on tedious or cumbersome administrative tasks and lets them focus on the important work.

3. Integrating disparate systems is the top barrier to marketing technology success.

New content marketing tools can become more trouble than they’re worth if it’s a headache to synchronize them with your existing setup. As these survey results show, this is a pain that plenty of marketing influencers are feeling today, and I’m guessing most content marketing managers — who tend to touch all technologies involved with a marketing operation — can especially relate.

Hopefully this is a barrier that will diminish as we move forward. Many providers of content marketing tech are placing a strong emphasis on compatibility with other tools and platforms. That’s certainly a major focus for us at DivvyHQ, which is why we’ve made our product easy to sync up with content marketing mainstays such as WordPress, social media networks, email and analytics sources.

4. Content marketing technologies are considered the most effective to implement.

Content marketing technology beats out marketing analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, data management and other tools in terms of perceived impact. Obviously, we’re nodding our heads to this finding (the right tech solutions really make a difference for content production!), but it’s also worth noting that “content marketing” is a broader term that actually encompasses many others on the list (analytics, email, social, etc. are all components of content marketing).

Still, this data jibes with the aforementioned CMI research illustrating the heightened success of organizations with proficiency around content marketing tech.

5. Content marketing technologies are considered less difficult to implement than Data Management or Marketing Analytics solutions.

Only 35% of respondents selected content marketing when asked about the most difficult technologies to implement, a significantly lower percentage than data management (56%) and marketing analytics (55%). As a result, content marketing technology hits the sweet spot for effectiveness and ease of implementation:

So, for marketing teams that are looking to adopt new technology, the findings above suggest that content marketing tech is a logical place to start — high on impact and short on complexity. As it happens, the fine folks at Content Marketing Institute recently released their list of 2018 fan-favorite content marketing tools in 2018, and you’ll find plenty of peer-based recommendations there. We’re proud to say that DivvyHQ was selected as the top content marketing platform for a third straight year!

Request a demo and we’ll show you how our software helps bring your team toward those top two strategic priorities: improving ROI and efficiency.