Building Your Internal Publishing Department for Content Marketing & Social Media Success

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It’s Content Marketing World Week! The DivvyHQ team has been enjoying all the fun in Columbus, OH for this great event. The Content Marketing Institute really knows how to put on a great show, including appearances from Jack Hanna (he’s brought his animals) and a backyard BBQ/concert with Rick Springfield!

Anyway… and I spoke at the conference and I thought I’d provide a little recap and some of the juicy nuggets of our presentation. Here’s the slides and then below is a summary.

A Quick Intro

If you’ve kept up with this blog, you’ve probably come to expect a mix of content strategy, content marketing and workflow best practices. Today we’re actually going to look at ways organizations need to restructure and build their teams to maximize efficiency, consistency and quality of content and social engagement.

Now…Let me put a little different spin on this. Are you a parent?

For those of you who have kids, think back to your pre-kid days. Life was so much easier. You could do what you want. You only had to worry about yourself and you had plenty of “budget” that you could spend on whatever. You didn’t have to constantly manage and feed your family.

Now fast forward to today. Think about all the changes you’ve had to make and the responsibilities on your plate. Think about the routines and day-to-day processes that you’ve established in order to manage everything. Think about how your family works together to get things done.

Now Consider the Alternative

Imagine the family that isn’t sharing responsibilities or communicating regularly. They’re flying by the seat of their pants. Mommy is parenting one way, while Daddy is parenting another. These silos are sending mixed messages to the kids. The kids (and the family in general) is going to have a hard time being successful with this structure.

So What’s the Solution?

If you’re tasked with executing a content and social media marketing effort, it’s imperative that your team adapts to this new world and has the proper structure and processes in place. What are those structures and processes? And where do they come from?

We can learn a lot from the traditional publishing industry.

1. Your Organizational Structure Needs to Change – As the output of your marketing effort shifts to being mostly content focused, the need for content producers grows. Whether this is internal or outsourced, creative bodies need to fill your seats. And above them needs to be managing editors and Chief Content Officers that guide the strategic direction, personality and the overall brand narrative. If your team is not structured like this now, develop a vision for the future and start building/hiring towards that vision.

2. Plan Like a Publisher – Picture the staff of a newspaper. Each reporter has their beat covered. They bring their best story ideas into the war room to pitch to their editors. Each section of the magazine is planned out and everyone knows their deadlines. They do this every day. Your organization is probably not creating a daily newspaper, but implementing weekly planning meetings is going to help you be successful.

3. Silos Are For Storing Wheat, Not Content – Those planning meetings should bring the right people to the table (silo owners, SMEs, sales), force communication and facilitate content ideation.

4. Formalize Your Workflow – When everyone understands the workflow that is involved with producing content, it’s amazing how organized, productive and consistent your world becomes. With consistency comes good habits.

5. Use Tools that Align with Your Structure & Facilitate the Process – You should have a tool that helps you listen and keep tabs on your beat. You should have a tool that helps you generate and store ideas. You should have a tool that helps you plan, schedule and facilitate your production workflow. You should have a tool that preps and delivers your content in the right format, to the right people at the right time.

Your Next Step

Get your team in a room with a whiteboard. Map out your vision for your future content team. Map out your workflow. Identify holes. Create a plan to get there.

Big THANKS to Joe, Pam and the entire CMI team for another awesome show.

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