[Interactive Guide] Take Your Content Marketing Program Back to the Future with DivvyHQ

Great Scott! I’ve returned from the future with urgent news: content marketing is only going to grow more complex and challenging.

This discipline already encompasses everything from business objectives to audience personas, strategy to keywords, channels to analysis, and beyond. Throw in some tech disruption, content overload, and wandering attention spans, and we have all the ingredients for a full-blown panic attack. Heavy, right?

But rest easy, content nerds. DivvyHQ brings clarity to content chaos. You already know this if you have a subscription or trial of our software. DivvyHQ helps you blaze your content marketing trail faster than a DeLorean with a full tank of plutonium.

But if you’re still tinkering with your old clunky model – using worn-out spreadsheets, tired processes, and getting poor mileage out of your content – we invite you to gear up with our latest content experience…

Back to the Future: Insights & Tips for Content Strategy, Planning and Measurement

Here’s what you’ll find in the pages of our latest interactive guide:

  1. Great Marketers are the Future of Content: Unique insights and inspirational guidance from some of the industry’s brightest minds.
  2. Content Strategy: Most companies do not have a documented content strategy. Learn how to buck that trend with a savvy, objective-based program.
  3. Content Planning, Publishing, and Promotion: Your workflow can be smoother than a hover-board ride if you follow these tips for a seamless and effective process.
  4. Content Measurement and Optimization: A future-proofing imperative for any organization. Creating a sustainable content optimization engine means continual improvement and growth.

We’re taking content marketing back to the future to help you set an efficient, productive, and results-driven course for your organization. We’d call it a roadmap… but where you’re going, you won’t need roads.

So, crack open the guide to get started (no email address required)!

Guide Preview: Wise Words from Today’s Top “Mad (Content) Scientists”

“Quit worrying about how long your content is. Instead, worry about how good your content is.”

Andrew Davis – Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author

“The exercise of creating your own content is invaluable; it evolves your thinking and makes you stand for something.”

Ann Handley – Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

“Focus on the customer. Learn what questions they need answered. Then use those insights to tell stories that will both inform and entertain them with an experience they can’t get with others.”

Lee Odden – CEO, TopRank Marketing

“Cultivate a deep knowledge of analytics and to understand how insights from measurement should shape content strategy.”

Brandon Ferguson – Senior Content Strategist, H&R Block

“Using the Say/Hear/Listen framework triangulates how you can best serve customers.”

Robert Rose – Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute

“Buyer personas should be designed to attract people sales wants to talk to.”

Ardath Albee – CEO & B2B Marketing Strategist, Marketing Interactions

“Understand why you create content and tie content objectives with the overall business and overarching marketing objectives.”

Pam Didner – Senior Marketing Consultant, Relentless Pursuit

“Empower individual team members to make decisions on the fly to give a sense of ownership and remove bottlenecks.”

Jason Miller – Head of Content and Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Solutions EMEA

“Ninety-nine percent of processes break down because of workflow and mismanagement, rather than because of a lack of expertise or knowledge.”

Cathy McPhillips – VP of Marketing, Content Marketing Institute

“Influencer marketing will be ground zero of the place where modern business finds its soul.”

Carlos Abler – Leader – Content Marketing & Strategy: Global eTransformation, 3M

“Content professionals need to master the art and science of analytics.”

Michael Brenner – CEO, Marketing Insider Group

“The future of content marketing will be more context-based: delivering the right content to the right person at the right time in the right context.”

Kirk Borne – Principal Data Scientist & Executive Advisor, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Customer loyalty aims to drive retention and up-sell of products and services.”

Celia Brown – Sr. Director, Content Strategy & Marketing, SAP

“The best way to change on-page behavior is to forget about conversion rates for a second, and consider micro-metrics.”

Oli Gardner – Founder, Unbounce

“The most under-appreciated metric by Content Marketers is Page Value. If you are not measuring it, you are sucking without knowing you are!”

Avinash Kaushik – Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google

“Teams will need to properly tag their campaigns and integrate data across channels which will make content analysis much easier.”

Jeff Sauer – Founder, Jeffalytics

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