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The BIG Simple - Season 1

Marketing’s Boldest Thinkers Deconstruct Their Biggest Ideas for Making Marketing Strategy Radically Simple

Tamsen Webster - Author, TEDx Speaker Coach

Tamsen Webster

Author, Speaker

Andrew Davis - Speaker, Author of Brandscaping

Andrew Davis

Author, "Brandscaping"

Jay Baer - Speaker, Author & CEO of Convince & Convert

Jay Baer

Convince & Convert

Michael Brenner - Speaker, Author and CEO of Marketing Insider Group

Michael Brenner

Marketing Insider Group

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About the BIG Simple Series

Big ideas have a way of making our work feel easier. In this series, four of the top marketing thinkers alive discuss their latest ideas like never before, all in the name of making strategy (so often missing from our marketing) seem simpler. From their creative process to their revealing research and best examples, we’re embarking on a BIG journey to make the hard stuff feel SIMPLE.

Episode 1 - The Red Thread w/ Tamsen Webster

In ep.1, we lay the groundwork. Great strategies focus the team and brand message, which in turns creates coherence across all content and every channel, while also creating differentiation. We think that brand ideas are found, when in reality, they’re built. In this ep, you'll learn:


How to change people's behaviors through content


The 3 beliefs people must possess to act


The simple questions you must answer to develop a brilliant strategy

Episode 2 - The Loyalty Loop w/ Andrew Davis

In ep. 2, we explore the BIGGEST missed opportunity in marketing today: planning our strategy around loyalty, not simply reach. We need to care less about who arrives and more about how many people stick around. Andrew Davis has an unbelievably big idea for making that outcome far simpler for content marketers. It's called The Loyalty Loop. Get ready to learn:


Where we go wrong targeting the various steps in the buyer's journey (and how to right the ship)


The 3 core tenants of building a passionate audience


Stories and frameworks from a diverse range of industries for building your own Loyalty Loop

Episode 3 - Talk Triggers w/ Jay Baer

A great customer experience occurs when you exceed customer expectations. And when you do so, customers are COMPELLED to talk about you. In ep. 3, Jay Acunzo digs into the brain of Mr. Jay Baer to deconstruct the Talk Triggers framework and help us uncover or engineer our own talk triggers in our businesses (HINT: Content can be a talk trigger). Watch and learn...


How a single, simple, but operation-wide differentiator can create massive referrals to your business


The 4 things that must be true to create an effective Talk Trigger


The 5 types of triggers that create word-of-mouth


Where to start your process as a content marketer

Episode 4 - The Green Smoothie Problem w/ Michael Brenner

Together with host Jay Acunzo, Michael breaks down how to sell ideas to others in a more persuasive fashion. The excuse "but my boss" gets thrown around a lot in marketing. This is your chance to hear how to better persuade your executives...straight from an executive. Here's a taste of what you'll learn in episode 4:


Why we're communicating our ideas backwards


The simple process to reverse course and be more persuasive


How to ensure you're always putting the customer at the center of your ideas

"Hands down, the best webinar I've 'attended' all year. @jayacunzo bringing his podcast-production talents to make a better webinar series."

– Gabrielle Pitman (@lilgigikhaleesi)– Producer, Musicians Can Thrive Podcast

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