Are SMBs at a Disadvantage in the Content Marketing Game?

Any business can have a successful content marketing operation. However, if you’re a small business going up against much larger competitors, you may feel a little bit like David vs. Goliath. Is the gap too large to ever close?

With less budget and resources, are SMBs at a disadvantage in the content marketing game? 

Well, yes and no. And we’ll explore both answers in this post. The 800 lb. gorilla in your industry probably has a bigger budget, more people and fancier tools. But SMBs are agile and can, most of the time, get more done faster, and with fewer cooks in the kitchen to slow down production.

Let’s explore how an SMB can win in the content marketing game and level the playing field.

Top-Down Commitment

For your business to succeed at content marketing, it has to have top-down support. Leadership must be on board to create a culture where content is seen as an asset with true business value. Executives need to understand that investing in content marketing leads to more conversions and more sales.

Once executives look at some of the facts on content marketing, such as the statistic that website conversions are six times higher for content adopters, then it’s easy to get them on board.

Why does top-down commitment matter?

Because once executives are all-in on content marketing, it means your team can worry less about continuing to convince their bosses that this content thing is a good idea.

This is where SMBs often have an advantage over their bloated, bigger competitors. In a large enterprise, there are so many layers of leadership to convince, content marketers probably fight the battle daily to get their C-suite engaged and on board.

Plus, if the Goliath in the battle is a public company, then the pressure is always about the company’s stock price. Thus, any move marketing makes, it better be one that increases revenues. While content marketing has the potential to do this, it’s not going to happen overnight.

SMBs are more agile and tend to have a flatter hierarchy, and their executives are much more open to building a brand based on high-quality content that’s relevant to your audience. SMB executives aren’t tied down by the pressures of generating immediate profit ahead of their next quarterly earnings report.

What About the Benjamins?

SMB Content Marketing - small budget

Let’s face it, the giants in your industry have a budget that dwarfs yours. They can have a larger content marketing team, pay them well, and invest further in a variety of content marketing initiatives.

But that doesn’t mean you need a six- or seven-figure investment in content marketing. The most important thing is to make sure you design and document a focused content marketing strategy, recruit a few willing and talented content producers, and invest wisely in affordable technology that will automate as much of your process as possible.

With this investment, your team can do more with less. Money isn’t what makes content marketing successful. Never has been, never will be.

Sure, more money opens up more opportunities. But you can make those opportunities attainable without the cash if you execute your content marketing consistently and use your budget wisely.

Can a Lean Team Produce Enough Content?

Enterprises may have an army of content marketers. How could you ever compete with what they produce?

Well, you probably can’t. But don’t worry. You don’t have to pump out the amount of content they do. Don’t look at content marketing in terms of quantity. Quality is always going to trump this. There are, however, things you can do to work smarter, not harder.

Consider recycling old content into different formats to build up your content marketing library. After all, different people are drawn to different types of content. Some prefer video, while others still want to read a blog post.

The second tip is to use content automation in your content marketing program.  Use automation for:

  • Social media publishing and distribution
  • Social media monitoring
  • Workflows and approvals
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Analytics

With technology, these once manual tasks now require little intervention. That means your lean team can focus on creating new content to wow audiences. After all, better content delivers a better customer experience, and that’s important to you as an SMB. In fact, 43% of SMBs say that improving customer experience is a top strategy for revenue growth.

Workflow Pros: SMBs Get Content to Market Faster

SMB Content Marketing - faster workflow

While large companies have advantages over you—namely the money and resources—they probably have a workflow so long and complex, it’ll give you nightmares.

How many people have to say “yes” for one piece of content to get published? There could be layers of approvals that need to come from product managers to branding to legal.

Advantage, SMBs! The workflow to approval is probably much smoother with little turbulence. And with the executive buy-in you’ve been cultivating, anybody who has to put their stamp of approval on content will do so in a timely manner.

Consider this, how long do you think content marketers wait to get an okay from legal? Because corporate attorneys rarely prioritize content marketing, yet they must be part of the process, how much of their content is currently sitting in review purgatory?

You can keep buzzing along, turning over new content much quicker and without the roadblocks. Even as you grow, streamline approvals with a software tool so that it never becomes a headache.

Reacting Fast to Industry News

No matter your industry, there are outside forces that could impact everything you do. When they happen, who is going to be able to turn an industry event into content faster?

That 800 lb. gorilla is kind of slow. And there’s that painful review process we discussed. There are probably pieces of content that never made it through until it was too late to talk about it.

You’re nimble and probably more in tune with the buzz in your industry. Use this to your advantage and get your story, opinion, or guidance out that addresses what just happened.

You Have the Upper Hand

At the end of the day, you have every opportunity to out-content your bigger competitors. Remember, it all starts with a solid strategy, internal support and the right tools. We can certainly help with the latter. Make your small team seem much bigger and help them do more by using a platform like DivvyHQ.

Don’t be the underdog in the game of content marketing. Try DivvyHQ for free today.