The 5 Easiest Activities to Automate in Your Content Marketing Program

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Time is our most valuable resource, and for many content marketing teams, it’s in short supply.

The 2019 In-House Creative Management Report surveyed more than 500 creative and marketing professionals and unsurprisingly found that, “As teams grow, creatives are stuck spending more time on administrative tasks.” In fact, nearly half of respondents said they spend one day a week or more on non-creative work, and a troubling 22% “indicated they spend 10 hours a week or more chasing down information, feedback and approvals.”

Year-over-year data shows that this issue is getting worse, not better. And the stakes are high for content marketing managers. The report also found “creatives that spend just four hours or less on admin tasks each week are more likely to report effective leadership, use of best practices and an ability to get creative assets into market producing results more efficiently.”

How can you minimize the time your team members spend on tedious activities and maximize creative output? The clearest path is through content automation.

Efficiencies of Content Marketing Automation

When we talk about content automation at DivvyHQ, we’re not talking about relying on robotic algorithms for creation. It’s our firm belief that content intended to be consumed by humans should be created by humans. So it’s all about automating and streamlining those tasks for which imagination and creativity are not essential.

These tasks exist in any content marketing operation. They inevitably get more cumbersome as teams and programs grow larger and more complex. If this is a battle you face, we’ve got some tips on the simplest content marketing activities to automate, so your creatives can keep their focus on the work that really matters.

Cruise Control: Automate These 5 Content Marketing Tasks

Social Media Publishing and Promotion

Once we’ve created awesome content, we need to share and promote it. Social media is a fixture for this purpose, but getting those promotional posts out can be a grind (especially if you want to cover each major network with multiple messages).

There are plenty of dedicated tools out there for social publishing, but most DivvyHQ users prefer to just handle it within our app. You can easily compose, schedule, and track social posts in the platform, making it easy to grab a snippet or excerpt from the content item and craft your messaging around it.

Social Media/Brand Monitoring

Broadcasting is one key element of a social media strategy, but so too is listening. You want to be stay aware of what people are saying about your brand, and can easily do so by setting up a mechanism to alert you any time your company’s name (or specific terms of importance) is mentioned.

If you’re looking for help on this front, HubSpot has a great list of 13 free social monitoring tools.

Content Marketing Workflows and Approvals

Sometimes it’s not tasks that need to be automated, but the actual assignment and management of tasks. This is another key advantage of DivvyHQ. Users can easily create custom workflows that will automatically populate when you add items to your content calendar, so you don’t have to repeatedly map out plans and processes. This can end up saving a lot of time, especially for high-volume teams with numerous contributors.

Another time-saving aspect of DivvyHQ is the automated reminders and notifications. When someone completes or approves a task upon which you are dependent, you’ll receive alerts (both via email and in-app) to let you know that you’re good to step in. This removes the need for manual updates and helps eliminate gaps and snags when a project changes hands.

Email Marketing Campaigns

From newsletters to product updates to seasonal campaigns, email is an excellent channel for reaching your customers directly. But executing email marketing is not the most frictionless endeavor — you need to schedule deliveries, manage your subscriber list, remove opt-outs, and (ideally) optimize continually based on results.

An email marketing platform with automation features can be tremendously helpful for these purposes. And while there are plenty of popular ones out there, in my experience it’s tough to beat MailChimp.

High-Level Insights and Analytics

Analytics can feel like a bottomless pit sometimes. Pretty much every marketing team has access to content stats and metrics these days, but digging through them to derive KPIs and actionable numbers is often a slog.

I recommend using a tool that simplifies your content marketing analytics by providing a quick overview with your most critical indicators front-and-center. Our Enterprise Plan has a terrific feature for this purpose, and there are also numerous dedicated apps that do similar things.

Content Marketing Managers: Automate and Dominate

We can’t just add more hours to a day. Or can we? Smart automation has the same effect by giving us more of our time back, and in turn, ramping up content team productivity.

Automating all internal workings of a marketing team isn’t possible yet, but there are plenty of automation tactics that can be implemented quickly and painlessly,” wrote Gain CEO Albizu Garcia last year at AdWeek. “There’s plenty of proof that automation helps marketing teams work faster, as well as be more organized and efficient.”

To learn how DivvyHQ and its many automation features can bring organization and efficiency to your content marketing team, sign up for a two-week trial and put these tips to good use! We’ll see you inside.

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