The World’s Best Content Calendar Just Got Even Better

The World’s Best Content Calendar Just Got Even Better

By Nick Mallare – July 3rd, 2018

From the beginning of our journey in 2011 to today, DivvyHQ’s success in becoming the world’s best content planning solution has come in large part from executing on customer feedback. Our mission of “Simplifying the lives of content marketing teams” has steered our operation, but customers have been at the center of our product’s functional offering and roadmap prioritization.

Today we announce the next step in that evolution with the release of an all-new calendar interface that is arguably the most vital planning tool available for content marketing teams across the globe.

“There are a ton of new features and improvements packed into this new interface. We’ve kept all the filters and functions that DivvyHQ fans know and love and built upon those to help users easily manage the chaos of their busy content schedules.”

Brody Dorland – Co-Founder

Our core focus with this redesign was to improve efficiency and workflow for users who are often trying to juggle the production of 20 to 30 pieces of content at a time across multiple departments, contributors and channels. With that goal in mind, several improvements came to light.

New features in the 3.0 Calendar Interface include:

  • Customizable, Saved Views to quickly filter down to important campaigns and deadlines
  • Orange Highlights identify active filters and campaigns
  • Expand-and-Collapse Function for long-running campaigns to optimize screen real estate
  • Slide-In Sidebars offer preview of content items, tasks or campaigns
  • New Unscheduled Content panel (formerly Parking Lot) allows for drag-and-drop of all unscheduled content and ideas

Early Customer Feedback

As with any new interface release, we pay close attention to usage data and customer feedback. As the leader of our development team, it’s rewarding to get feedback like this:

“DivvyHQ’s new updated calendar view and functions brings a fresh new look and experience to our workflow process. I’ve been working in DivvyHQ going on three years now and am very pleased with the updates the platform has made in that time. I know it will only continue to get better as it grows.”

Sam Craft – Digital Media Specialist
Texas A&M’s Health Science Center

Thanks to all who have provided feedback. You’re helping us continue to create the world’s best content calendar.

Plan. Divvy. Conquer.

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