2017 Research Report

Content Planning Challenges, Trends & Opportunities

DivvyHQ 2017 Research Report: Content Planning Challenges, Trends & Opportunities

Whether you work in B2B or B2C, the way your audience finds, consumes, or shares content today will not be the same tomorrow. Not even close.

So how do we plan for change, when we don’t know what changes are on the horizon? That’s a great question, and exactly the question we sought to answer in our first-ever industry study.

We recently asked over 100 top marketers what makes their content planning successful, what their biggest barriers to collaboration are, whether they document a content planning process, what types of content they plan to publish in the coming months, and more.


of respondents cited “developing a comprehensive content strategy” as a top challenge.


of those seeing the most success with content planning also have weekly or monthly planning meetings.


of the most effective with content planning also report having a documented process.

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Robert Rose

“Getting past our organizational priorities to truly examine and know what our audience needs is the only way we can ensure our planning efforts will be more impactful with content.”
— Robert Rose
Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute