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Welcome back to another edition of My Favorite Content Marketing Video, the series that gives you a glimpse into what the top content nerds in our industry are loving and learning from. This week’s video comes to us from Michele Linn, VP of Content at the Content Marketing Institute. Let’s kick this off with a little context…

During the closing keynote of Content Marketing World 2014, Michele, myself and about 2600 of our fellow content marketers had the pleasure of listening to the backstory and learnings of one of my favorite actors, Kevin Spacey. It was intriguing to hear about his role in pitching (or failing to pitch) House of Cards to various cable networks, but then how Netflix embraced the project with open arms. He told a passionate story of his experiences running the Old Vic Theater in London. And finally, he put his teaching hat on and shared some of his learnings about the power storytelling. 

Michele Linn’s Favorite Content Marketing Video

Here’s Michele on the experience…

“I found Kevin Spacey to be absolutely charming. Not only did we learn what a good story is, but watching Spacey present was a learning experience of how to tell a great story. There are many nuggets I love from this video, but here is my favorite:

kevin-spacey-headshot-300px“It’s no longer about who you know or how much you can afford, but it’s about what you can do. And audiences have spoken. They want stories.” 
– Kevin Spacey

It’s anyone’s game — not just those with big budgets and networks. I love how telling great stories (stories that are different from what everyone else is telling, I may add) can level the playing field.”

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