Have we chosen a content topic or area of focus that we can sustain?

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Choosing the scope of content topics for a new content initiative can be a bit of a balancing act. One one hand, a narrow focus may result in you becoming the authority on a very niche topic (a good position to be in), but it also may be more challenging to sustain a cadence of fresh, high-quality content long term. A broad focus makes it easier to come up with fresh content, but subscriber growth and traction may be slower due to a lack of topical relevance for your target audience.

The ideal situation here? Finding that “sweet spot” in between the topics where you’re an expert and those topics that your audience really cares about.

Focus Your Content

Further, the current state of media affairs has consumers constantly facing a never-ending firehose of content noise. In this environment, a narrow focus has a better chance of breaking through that noise. Regularly publishing high-quality content on a niche topic for a niche audience will always win in the long term.

Narrow Wins, But…

You’ve decided on a niche area of focus for your content and you’re firing on all cylinders for a while. And then… Writer’s block kicks in. Your subject matter experts get tapped out. You’ve grown weary of writing about the same ol’ topic and hounding people for new ideas. At first glance, these may appear to be process, resource or creativity issues, when in actuality, these are the signs of a larger problem.

You aren’t digging in deep enough with your target audience on a regular basis.

When you’ve combined such exercises as persona development, internal SME discussions, and regular conversations with customers and their pain points, your content focus should be crystal clear, and those ongoing conversations should always provide new fodder for ideas.

Need Some Fresh Ideas?

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