How to Integrate a Legal or Compliance Review into Your Content Production Workflow

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Earlier this month, we spoke at Content Marketing World on how to restructure your internal team and processes in order to improve your organization’s ability to create quality content in a sustainable way. Immediately following our presentation, an attendee approached us and asked for some guidance on how to best integrate a legal/compliance review step into the content production workflow. What a great question (Thanks Adria!) and I’m sure this is a very real pain that many of you have to contend with on a regular basis!

Real Divvy Customer Scenario

I can’t name names here, but let’s just say we have a customer that is a huge company in the insurance industry. Almost every piece of content they publish has to go through a compliance review. They have multiple Divvy calendars set up to manage their blog content, email content, webinars/presentations, news releases, internal communications and all their social content. Using Divvy as the backbone, they’ve done a nice job of formalizing their workflow for each calendar/content type, and their compliance folks are just part of the normal flow of production for each piece of content that is produced (example diagram above).

Obviously, every company is unique, so your team structure, workflow and compliance review requirements may be a lot different, but using a simple, flexible workflow tool like Divvy can make your world a lot more efficient, not to mention cut down on the mass amounts of email your folks probably have to deal with.

“Send To” Your Compliance Person

Here’s a quick video that demonstrates how this process works. Note that the video uses a more generic context, but same steps apply when sending a content item to your compliance/legal team for their review and approval. The same scenario also applies if you’re sending to a client or other stakeholder.

Forgive the Commercial

Sorry if this blog post sounds like a Divvy commercial, but I just want to get the point across that integrating a compliance review or legal review into your content production workflow doesn’t have to be that hard. As you ramp up the amount of content you are producing, your team may have some growing pains and need some time to adjust to a new process. If you’re using the wrong tools, all of this will be more painful than it needs to be.  We built Divvy to be a super-simple tool that can help you facilitate an efficient planning and production process AND cut down on the amount of email correspondence that swallows up your day.

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