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Points content marketing team members Jordana Camerman (Copy Writer) & Daniel Reed (Research Associate).

Divvy’r of the Month – Points

After someone tells you how much they like you over and over, after awhile, you really start to take notice. Such was the case with February’s Divvy’r of the Month, Points. After a handful of support exchanges, the loyalty coming from Points was overwhelming. We just had to take a closer look. It was no surprise to find out that Points and their content marketing team, are the “global leader in loyalty currency management.” Continue reading

Write Your Industry’s 2013 Trends Report…Like, Today!

With another year coming to a close, we’re starting to see the onslaught of “2013 Industry Trends/Predictions” content being published on just about every industry category you can think of. For those companies who get an insightful blog post, report or ebook published (and promoted) early, these content assets can pay big dividends in the form of website/blog visits, backlinks, trade media mentions and of course…sales.

Think about it.

A Piece of Trendy Pie?The end of the year is planning season. Companies across the globe are looking for insights and analysis to guide and validate the direction and focus of their business in 2013. This research is often done online. A well-written, insightful piece that discusses the future trends (or predictions) of your industry may just be the perfect way to score some serious thought-leadership points in the minds of your industry practitioners and prospective customers.

Are You Up for It?

Here are a few great ways to get it done. Continue reading

Are You a Best-In-Class B2B Content Marketer? See How You Stack Up

The Content Marketing Institute recently released their 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks Report, which paints a clear picture of what top brands and agencies are doing to find success in content marketing. One particular chart in the report provides a great comparison of the most effective content marketers with the least effective content marketers. So…I wanted to share it and talk through some of its criteria in the hopes that your 2013 planning might benefit from it.

Profile of a Best-In-Class B2B Content Marketer

Profile of a Best-In-Class Content Marketer

Profile Components

  • Percentage of Marketing Budget Allocated to Content Marketing – With more and more buyers utilizing the web as their primary source for research, B2B brands are experimenting with their transition to digital marketing. The comfortable habits of trade advertising and tradeshows are hard to break, but the effectiveness and ROI of those high-dollar tactics are making them harder pills to swallow. The challenge, though, comes with the different set of costs that come with content marketing. It’s a much more labor-intensive strategy and companies are quickly realizing that their reduction in traditional media spend needs to be transitioned directly to people or vendors who can own the ongoing content strategy, planning and production roles. Continue reading

Nuggets of Goodness from the Content Marketing Retreat

Before I get into said “nuggets”, let me start off by saying that Whidbey Island, just north of Seattle, WA, is amazing. Langley, a charming little community on the island, hosted the 2nd Annual Content Marketing Retreat created by the Langley Center for New Media. Though we were there for business, the warm fireplace of our waterfront hotel room (at the Boatyard Inn), the view of the Puget Sound, and the sound of waves hitting the sea wall below us put us Kansas City kids in a happy place.

The retreat brought together some of the top content marketing minds and technologies in the industry for two days of presentations and intimate discussions on the nuts, bolts and future of content marketing. We were happy to be a part of it and our very own was one of the featured speakers. Here’s a little recap of some of the nuggets of wisdom that stuck with me. Continue reading