Why Do you Create Content?

Why is Your Company Creating Content?

Seems like a pretty simple question, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for marketers to have a hard time articulating their content mission or purpose of their various content initiatives. There are way too many shotguns and spam cannons in use today. And vague answers like “building brand awareness” or “to generate more leads” don’t count in our book. You need to dig deeper. You need to create a purpose that delivers a specific value for the targeted recipient of your content.

Defining Your Content Mission

Meghan Casey, lead content strategist at Brain Traffic, suggests finding your organization’s core content strategy (or mission) statement by breaking it down into four smaller questions:

  1. Content product: What content should we produce, procure, curate, and share?
  2. Audience: Who, specifically, is that content for? (More on this below)
  3. User needs: Why do those audiences need or expect that content from us?
  4. Business Goals: What outcomes does providing this content help us achieve?

Answering these questions is the first step. These answers help you craft a content mission statement that steers your focus as you make individual, content-related decisions. For example, let’s say you’re evaluating a few ideas/angles/messaging for upcoming articles. Does each content idea support our mission? Or are we just seeding a piece of fluff to appease our sales team?

Once you’ve crafted your mission statement, you’ll get extra brownie points for broadcasting it in a location easily located by your audience. Don’t forget to keep your content creators on track by continuing to reinforce it in meetings, on walls, or via internal company communication.

Want a Deeper Dive?

In our recent eBook, The Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative, we dive deeper into this topic, and break down (line-by-line) an example of a real company’s content mission statement. It’s a helpful exercise that every content marketer should consider.

Download our eBook today to learn how to craft your content mission statement!

The Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative

The Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative

For most people, the start of a new year is a busy time. Many of us spend time reflecting back on our accomplishments from the previous year. We also look forward and plan for the year to come. Marketing departments across the globe are no different. Many marketers are evaluating the performance of 2015 campaigns and content initiatives, and in content planning mode for new corporate objectives and a slew of new tactical initiatives.

Sound familiar?

With Divvy’s heavy focus on content strategy and planning, we work closely with many of our customer to help them think through the editorial strategy for each initiative, and the realities of what it will take for them to execute successfully and sustainably. To help the broader marketing community, we’ve developed a comprehensive ebook that asks the 10 most vital questions that should be answered (before you start executing anything) to ensure the success of each content initiative.

Download our Content Planning eBook today!

Content Planning Guide – Executive Summary

Before you and your team get too deep into the weeds of execution, ask yourself these 10 questions. Continue reading

Entrepreneur Magazine

Redefining the Funnel: 3 Tips that Drive Sales

Marketing funnels aren’t simple, linear paths any longer. Companies can’t just set up their funnels once and watch the leads roll in forever. They need to accept that consumers are in complete control and leverage digital content if they want their businesses to grow.

The traditional sales funnel was built to anticipate the customer’s purchase journey, from initial brand contact to the moment a sale is made. This model may still work for some industries, but others need a more agile, tailored approach.

Prospects don’t necessarily follow a linear purchase path, which is why brands need to reach them at multiple inspiration points. A solid content strategy is the most effective way to accomplish this goal — publishing articles on a diverse range of topics enables companies to be there when customers need answers.

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The Top 5 Content Marketing How-To Videos of 2015

We know thinking about next year’s content marketing strategy can make your head spin and the idea of downloading another eBook makes you want to bury your head in the egg nog. We got it- DivvyHQ curated this list of the 5 most inspiring content marketing videos produced in 2015. So, grab that tin of popcorn you stole from the office break room and refuel your marketing engines with these great stories of content marketing success. Continue reading

Entrepreneur Magazine

DivvyHQ Co-Founder Brody Dorland Shares Strategies for Leveraging the Power of the Blog

“In the Quest for Leads, Your Blog Is Your Greatest Companion”

Publishing content is like depositing money in a bank. Each blog post your brand shares can earn a little more of your audience’s trust. Eventually, there’s a strong enough relationship to make a withdrawal, usually in the form of a sale. Blogging is key to any company’s lead generation strategy.

Looking to expand your influence or customer base? Use the following strategies to leverage the power of the blog. Read the full article featured on Entreprenuer.com here.


Before You Pull the Trigger on a Content Marketing Platform, Have You Considered…

Everyday, more and more companies are realizing that their current system of endless spreadsheets, status meetings, and emails is way more painful than it should be. And HEY LOOK! There’s a bunch of cool-looking content marketing platforms out there that will rescue us!!! Herein lies the problem.

What type of content marketing platform DO you need?

The short answer is…”It depends”. There are several variables to consider when a company is looking at software to manage their content marketing. Variables may include things like: Continue reading


4 Tips to Guarantee Your Content Marketing Connects

In today’s marketplace, content marketing strategies are all the rage. They’ve become a must-have for companies across the globe. Many such strategies focus on the content itself — and the brand’s ability to develop creative and compelling media — and use trendy new tools to deliver it.

Yet the only thing worse than the absence of a content marketing strategy is the implementation of one that misses the mark. Unfortunately, plenty of these strategies are just flushing money down the marketing toilet.

According to a recent report by the CMO Council, only 12 percent of marketers believe they have an effective content marketing strategy. Of the six reasons given for a lack of effectiveness, five involve either the right message hitting the wrong audience or just the opposite. The most successful marketers understand that even good content falls flat in the wrong hands.

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6 Scientific Strategies to Improve Your Content With Visuals

“Why isn’t anyone reading or sharing my stuff?” If you’ve ever produced content for the web, you’ve probably asked yourself this question at one point or another. Your content’s “findability” is often a big part of this equation, but that’s not what I’m going to focus on today.

Another likely contributor to this problem is a lack of understanding (on the part of content producers) about how our brains process information.

That’s where visuals in your content come into play. You can’t go right for the neocortex and expect good results; you have to catch the attention of the primitive brain first.

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DivvyHQ Calendar Gets Speed Boost

DivvyHQ Update: Major Calendar Performance Improvement

Much like our beloved Kansas City Royals, who improved their game significantly with speed around the bases, our development team has been working hard to improve the speed and performance of your DivvyHQ experience so that you can plan and produce faster than ever before. More specifically, our higher-volume customers who produce upwards of 500 to 1000 content items per month helped us to identify load-time issues in our calendar interface. Come Monday evening, November 16th, users should see a significant improvement in the load speed of the DivvyHQ calendar.

A Few Caveats

Scheduled Downtime for this Release

This improvement required us to make several significant changes to the way your content, campaign and production-task data is packaged and rendered within the DivvyHQ calendar. In order for us to release these changes, we are estimating that DivvyHQ will be unavailable for approximately 5 hours on Monday night, November 16th from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. CST (show in your timezone). We realize that this may not be a convenient time for all customers, but the performance benefits will surely outweigh the downtime. Continue reading

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DivvyHQ Shares Tips for Building an Executive-Level Dream Team

Between these stressful ALCS games (Go Royals!), DivvyHQ’s co-founder, Brock Stechman, shared some fundamental attributes they look for to build an executive-level team including perseverance, excellence, positivity, diversity and cultural fit.  To learn more about how to assemble your dream team, see the full article on Entreprenuer.com.