DivvyHQ Announces Social Publishing and 2.0 Content Import Tool!

DivvyHQ 2.2 Release: Introducing Social Publishing & 2.0 Content Import Tool

After months of hard work, I’m very happy to officially announce the launch of our Facebook and Twitter publishing integrations! Along with these new features, we’ve also completed the 2.0 version of our content import tool, which allows marketers and content teams to get existing, spreadsheet-based editorial calendars uploaded easily into the platform.

A Little Perspective

Our focus has always been to solve the challenges of managing content planning and production workflow, but our customers have continually asked us to extend DivvyHQ’s functionality into direct publishing to various social channels and digital platforms. We have listened and are excited to give marketers and community managers (across the globe) the publishing capabilities they want, along with the upfront planning and approval workflow tools, on which many social media management platforms fall short.

To support the launch of these new features, we’ve created video demos to show you how to set up and use each feature. Ready for a closer look? Continue reading

Content Marketing Bottleneck

The Bottlenecks of Content Marketing

In a recent interview with a tech writer, I was posed a great question that brought back all sorts of memories from past lives (careers). The question:

What sort of bottlenecks are most common in content marketing initiatives/projects?

It’s hard to forget past situations where I was responsible to get something done with a hard deadline, but some bottleneck (normally someone) significantly reduced my ability to be successful. What can you do? The ball is in someone else’s court. You have no control. As the deadline gets closer, you start pitting out your shirt. I remember sitting at my desk, feeling paralyzed, thinking to myself…I might be fired because of a flawed process that I had no part in designing.

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FrontPoint Team Photo

Divvy’r of the Month – FrontPoint Security

“Our customers love us and the feeling is mutual.” – FrontPoint Security. That statement alone makes it very obvious to us here at Divvy, that FrontPoint would be a great company to have watching over you. Their approach to customer experience is pretty much the same as ours, which is probably why we’ve gotten to know (and get along so well with) the FrontPoint content marketing team.

We might not be a customer of FrontPoint Security, but there is love between us. We share a common approach to how we interact with our customers, and it’s that commonality that has created such a great partnership. From a client feedback and engagement perspective, FrontPoint Security has been a perfect client for us. As we’ve developed Divvy 2.0, and continued to improve it after its launch, FrontPoint’s content marketing team and Jamie Botzer in particular (FrontPoint’s Social Content Manager) has been there – providing feedback, feature requests and a sense of security… that we are doing things right with our product. They also do one heck of job with their content marketing.

Put all that together and that is why FrontPoint Security is our Divvy’r of the Month. Let’s take a look at their approach to customer engagement, and how content marketing has helped them take the lead in a very competitive market. Continue reading


D&D – The Perfect Content Strategy Trainer

A lunch with the Divvy co-founders took a more discomforting turn for me. As we discussed an upcoming event that someone was attending, we joked about the potential conversations. The event would be attended by many individuals that would probably lean geek. We laughed about how the conversation would gradually shift from development speak to plugins, and then fantasy and sci fi. When someone jokingly suggested Dungeons & Dragons [D&D] as a possible topic of conversation, things got real.

Before thinking about it I spoke out, “I played D&D.” There was silence, then laughter. Then curiosity. For me, there was a smidgen of embarrassment.

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DivvyHQ 2.0 is Live!

ALERT: DivvyHQ 1.0 Retirement – DivvyHQ 2.0 is Here!

After more than a year of hard work and a few months of beta testing, DivvyHQ 2.0 is here! Big thanks to all our beta testers and early adopters who provided extremely valuable feedback and helped get our product launch-ready. We’re so excited to open the 2.0 doors to all content producers, and even more excited about all the new stuff that’s coming!

Are You Ready to Dig In?

The new platform’s initial launch offers content practitioners a completely redesigned, touch/mobile-friendly interface that’s even more cutting-edge and intuitive. DivvyHQ 2.0 also offers unlimited shared calendars, more customizable content fields, production task management features and a custom workflow builder. Many more features and third-party platform integrations are planned for launch in 2014. If you have a few minutes to spare, hit play on the video below for a quick walkthrough of DivvyHQ 2.0. Continue reading

Zero in on DivvyHQ 2.0

Divvy’r of the Month – Beta (Hunting) Edition – Inquest Marketing

The content marketing world is an ocean. Full of fish that even ‘the old man’ from the “The Old Man and the Sea” wouldn’t touch. It’s a wilderness of thorn trees, poison ivy and yes, even some definite wall hangers. There are predators, there are prey, and as a content marketer you have to decide when to pull the trigger, and what your target should be.

Scouting. Tracking. Killing the Content Marketing Beast.

When your content-marketing livelihood is based off the “kill what you eat” motto, then deciding what to kill is extremely important. You must scout out your content marketing tools thoroughly and not waste time on smaller, less sustainable prey. The content marketing tool you choose is your hatchet, and you are Brian Robeson. This has been Benton Boyd’s safari. As the Director of Online Marketing/Digital Strategy at Inquest Marketing, Benton scouted Divvy 1.0, and really followed our tracks by actively participating in our Divvy 2.0 beta. Benton, an avid hunter outside of the content marketing world, has pulled the trigger on Divvy 2.0 and it has been more than sustainable, it’s been a feast! Continue reading

DivvyHQ's Photo Collage from SXSW 2014

DivvyHQ’s Photo Collage from SXSW 2014

After an eventful (and exhausting) trip down to Austin for SXSW 2014, all we can say is…WOW…can’t wait to do it again next year! Here are a few highlights and a photo collage from our trip.

  • The Venues – From seedy Irish Pubs to swanky spaces that were built/decked out specifically for the conference, there is no shortage of amazing places to eat, drink, dance and mingle.
  • The Music – While the music portion of the conference hadn’t even started yet, there were up-and-coming acts playing everywhere, as well as surprise appearances from Snoop (Dogg) Lion, Justin Bieber and Questlove.
  • The Celebs – It’s always fun when you turn around and someone famous is standing a few feet away. On our trip, we couldn’t help but stare at a few notables: David Walton, Mark CubanJemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie and Jeremy Sisto.
  • Industry A-Listers – While the conference sessions are decent (for the most part), the private events are where the good stuff happens. We really enjoyed getting up close and personal with industry experts that are doing some amazing things, namely: Scott Chicon of GithubGary VaynerchukMondelez International‘s Bonin BoughUnivision‘s David BeckHarvard Business Review’s Katherine Bell, and the AOL Digital Prophet himself – David Shing (aka Shingy.)

And now for your pinning pleasure…Our SXSW 2014 Photo Collage Continue reading

Points content marketing team members Jordana Camerman (Copy Writer) & Daniel Reed (Research Associate).

Divvy’r of the Month – Points

After someone tells you how much they like you over and over, after awhile, you really start to take notice. Such was the case with February’s Divvy’r of the Month, Points. After a handful of support exchanges, the loyalty coming from Points was overwhelming. We just had to take a closer look. It was no surprise to find out that Points and their content marketing team, are the “global leader in loyalty currency management.” Continue reading

DivvyHQ 2.0 is Coming!

Heads Up Folks…DivvyHQ 2.0 Is Coming

If you’ve been following any of our content, social or support channels, you’ve probably heard us mention our upcoming release of DivvyHQ 2.0. For the past year, our entire team has been evaluating customer feature requests, architecting more robust/customizable user experiences, designing more intuitive user interfaces, and coding a better Divvy.

With great excitement and anticipation, we’d like to officially announce that Divvy 2.0 will be available to all existing and new customers starting on April 2nd, 2014.

Why the New Platform?

When we first built and launched our application back in 2011, we had a gut-feeling we were on to something special, but truly didn’t know what to expect. However, we were blown away from all the support we received from the content marketing community. And what we did not expect was the level of interest we would instantly receive from large organizations, publishers, agencies and media companies from all over the world. We realized very quickly we developed a tool that struck a chord and makes the way organizations communicate, plan and publish content much easier.

Over the last two and a half years, we’ve been fortunate to have built great relationships with our clients. We have worked very closely with our users and they have provided us feedback and requests to ensure we continue to evolve DivvyHQ to meet their needs. And with these invaluable insights, we put our heads down to build DivvyHQ 2.0 to continue to advance our product forward and stay on the bleeding edge of the exploding content marketplace. Continue reading

DivvyHQ founders on the radio

DivvyHQ’s Founders Provide an Update on Recent KC Radio Shows

After closing a recent round of funding last July, Brody Dorland and myself had the privilege of being on the Kansas City Power Lunch radio show hosted by Krista Klaus. On the show we announced our investment round with Dundee Venture Capital and discussed our future plans for DivvyHQ.

Apparently, we didn’t bomb too bad, because last Tuesday Krista invited us back to give her listeners an update on what we’ve been up to. The last few months have been a whirlwind for DivvyHQ and we’ve had a bunch of exciting developments since the last time we were on the show. So, we had a lot to talk about from key additions to our leadership team to the upcoming launch of Divvy2.0.

Also, on December 17th, I had the pleasure of co-hosting the Entrepreneur KC Radio show with our good friend Jason Grill. On the show we discussed the recent developments of DivvyHQ and spoke to Ben Rendo, Founder of the Mighty HandleKyle Rogers, CEO and Co-Founder of Knoda, and Sarah Granger, digital media innovator, tech journalist, author and blogger.