Four Simple Reminders as You Ramp Up Your Content Marketing

4 Simple Reminders as You Ramp Up Your Content Marketing

Everyday here at DivvyHQ, we get to talk with companies who are all over the map as far as their content marketing maturity. Some are pros and they just need a streamlined tool to keep their team efficient. Others are just getting started with the transition from traditional marketing/advertising to our new customer-controlled, digital world.

When I get a chance to work with customers one-on-one, several best practices tend to come up consistently. These might be old-hat to some, but it never hurts to be reminded of some of these all-too-important aspects of effective content marketing.

1. Know Thy Audience

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InTransition Podcast

Brody Dorland Talks Content Strategy & Consistency: InTransition Podcast Episode #17

DivvyHQ Co-Founder, Brody Dorland, recently sat down to talk shop with David Pembroke, founder of contentgroup, an Australian content marketing agency, and host of InTransition, a podcast that explores the practice of content marketing in government.


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Time for a content strategy refresh!

The 3 Most Important Steps for Your Next Content Strategy Refresh

Among all companies with documented content strategies, only 36 percent say their content marketing is “very effective” or “extremely effective.” That means 64 percent are sitting somewhere, scratching their heads and wondering, what are we doing wrong?

Documenting your content strategy is great, but it’s not everything. Many documented content strategies don’t work because they’re not built around the company’s audience. An effective content strategy is audience centric – it literally needs to begin, keep coming back to, and end with the audience.

How can this be done? Fathom, a digital marketing agency in Cleveland, OH has experience moving from channel-focused marketing to an audience-focused plan.

“Fathom has a great history of execution at the channel (SEO, PPC) level,” said Jeff Hermann, Fathom’s Chief Revenue Officer. “To fulfill Fathom’s own growth strategy, and to drive our clients’ growth strategies, we must take an audience first mindset.”

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Divvy New Support Site

Come One! Come All! See the Main Attractions of Our New Support Site

The Amazing Support Show

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What a Waste!

What a Waste – How Much is Your Content Marketing Process Costing You?

Everyday, companies walk through our virtual front door with gruesome tales of how their current process (or lack there of) is failing them. One company told us how they wasted $20,000 due to a duplication in video production. Two of their US-based marketing teams (siloed by geographic market) use separate advertising agencies, and they unknowingly created the same video.

Another company told us about one of their engineers who became irate after having to do five separate video interviews in preparation for a new product launch. The different silos within his company obviously weren’t collaborating, so he had to give the same interview 5 times. I’d be peeved too.

These types of situations happen everyday in large, siloed companies. Many probably go unnoticed until a curious controller in the accounting department raises a red flag. Having a “Chief Content Officer” at the helm to keep tabs on everything that’s being produced across an organization is a good first step. Another smart move is implementing a solution like DivvyHQ to be your company’s shared hub for all content planning and production.

Ask yourself a few questions…

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Midwest Marketing Podcast - Jeff Julian

Brody Dorland Talks Content Planning, Content Strategy on Midwest Marketing Podcast

Before the holidays, Brody Dorland, DivvyHQ Co-Founder, did a fun interview for the Midwest Marketing Podcast, hosted by Jeff Julian of Aji Software. Repost coming atcha!

Originally posted here:

Show Description: This week our guest is Brody Dorland of DivvyHQ.  He is a marketer, web content guru, and entrepreneur based out of Kansas City with an amazing online service built to provide tools for content planning.  Brody has an extensive understanding of content marketing and ways to solve many of the problems business face when planning content.  During this episode, Jeff Julian and Brody discuss DivvyHQ, content strategy, and content planning.  We look forward to having Brody on future shows.

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Luna Park Entrance

Keeping Lunatics in the Content Loop: Luna Park Finds Success with DivvyHQ

Are you riding a Hair Raiser of a roller coaster when it comes to content creation? Is every day a Wonky Walk at work — where your editorial calendar is becoming more complex, your deadlines are overlapping and your content mix expanding? It’s an all too common theme we hear as more companies crank up their content marketing efforts – but not necessarily their staff levels! Organization and efficiency are crucial. It’s a Tango Train to crazy – if you don’t have the right tools.

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Confab Higher Ed 2014 Cake - Make Me First on Google!

Confab Higher ED 2014 Recap: Content, Comradery and Cake

Less than two weeks ago, we gathered in the conference lobby of the Loews Hotel in Atlanta to share some snarky themed cake and bid farewell to fellow Confab attendees. My favorite cake-topper was “All of our audiences are important.” A variation of the theme, “to honor all is to honor none.” “Make us 1st on Google” and “Let’s add a carousel” also gave me a giggle!

I’m not sure how it works. But turning those uber-maddening comments you hear at work into birthday cakes – somehow blows it out the other side – and makes the madness melt away for a moment.

The cakes of Confab Higher Ed 2014

Which cake reached out and tickled your funny bone the most? Or conversely, which cake theme was so on-target and close to home, you wanted to take a photo and send it to all of your colleagues!

My Takeaways

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Divvy Bit Social Publishing Integration

Divvy Bits: Favorite 80’s Band & Next Social Publishing Integration

Since I talk with lots of Divvy customers each day, I thought it might be good to make those conversations even more productive (and fun) by asking a few additional questions. I started doing this last month. The first question was product-related, to help us understand how we can add value for our customers. The second question was just for fun, to learn more about their personal interests. Hey… while I’m at it, why not turn their answers into a monthly blog series?

Introducing: Divvy Bits – A little bit of product insight, a little bit of fun.

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Manage your recurrence settings.

Alert: Daylight Savings Support in DivvyHQ 2.0

This Saturday night, November 1st, USA “falls back” an hour for Daylight Savings. At this time, DivvyHQ does not compensate for the Daylight Savings time change. What this means is that your existing content and production deadlines also fall back an hour. For example: Let’s say you have a recurring Twitter post scheduled for 10 a.m. every weekday. On Monday, November 3rd, that deadline will now display as 9 a.m. Continue reading