What’s New in DivvyHQ?

The DivvyHQ beta period has officially come to an end. We have really learned a lot over the past 90 days, mostly that our users are loving the direction we’re going with the application, and have given us loads of great feedback for how to make it even better. So, what’s new? Here are the big things:

Custom Content Types

Now you have the ability to add your own custom content types! Simply go into your Account Settings, scroll down to Add Content Types and add them there. You can add any type of content you want, like Acme Company Newsletter or 8.5″x11″ Full-Color Ad” – whatever you want!

Color Coding By Calendar

So many of you told us you’d like to see color coding by calendar, so we built it! Now, in your Master Calendar and My Calendar views, you can see all your content labeled with the color of the calendar to which it’s associated. For example, if you have a Blog Calendar, all items from the Blog Calendar will show up in Green, for example. You’ll be able to see in a snapshot which items go with which calendar. You can customize your calendar colors and calendar names in the Calendar Admin.

International Addresses

DivvyHQ now support international address and time zones! Update your address and time zone within the My Account page.

Recurring Content

This one was a no-brainer. You wanted the ability to schedule recurring content tasks, so that what we did. Now you can set up any piece of content as recurring daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. This feature is located in the Content Editor.

User-Defined Roles, including Reviewers

Now you can assign access roles within DivvyHQ. Roles you can assign your users include: Editor, Contributor and Reviewer. Editors have all the access of the Admin on the account, except for access to upgrade or downgrade the plan and change/update credit card or billing information on the account. Contributors can add content, edit content and do everything in DivvyHQ that an Editor can do except for Adding Calendars or Team Members and deleting content. Reviewers have limited access to DivvyHQ. This role is perfect for clients and other “approvers” that you’d like to see and comment on content, but not be able to view everything on the calendars. For a detailed list of the roles, visit the User Roles Explained post.

More functionality on the WYSIWYG Editor

Previously, (mostly Mac users) were having problems copying and pasting content from a Word doc. to our WYSIWYG editor. We added several pieces of functionality including “Paste from Word.” Problem solved! Plus we added a lot of other formatting functionality as well.

Ability to hide content from the public calendar

Now that we made all content visible to all team members associated with a calendar, we’ve given you the ability to “hide” items from the team calendar. These items will only be visible in your “My Calendar” and “Master Calendar” views.

Easier Image Uploader and Cropping Function

Now it’s REALLY easy to upload and crop an image of your team members. Simply upload ANY image, then click and drag your cursor over the image to select a thumbnail. That’s it. So simple (and kind of fun to play around with if you ask us)!

More Intuitive Dashboard Functionality

On your dashboard, you’ll now notice that the content items that show up in your My Content section are the 5 items that have most recently been changed/edited. Showing you which content is being worked on. You’ll also see that in the Activity section, you can now click right to the piece of content that each of the comments is referencing.

Cleaner Calendar Look

Revising the way the color coding looks and then how items show up on the calendar has made for a sleeker, cleaner look. See what you think!

Separate Calendar and Account Admin

Admins will now notice that in the top, right-hand side of the application, there are “Calendar Admin” and “My Account” links. We separated the calendar settings, so now, you can rename and color code your calendars right from the Calendar Admin page.

There are a bunch more little updates here and there. Too many to mention, in fact. Take a look around and let us know what you think of the new DivvyHQ.

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